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Advantages of Multilingual WordPress Site

There are billions of website pages on the Internet. Somewhere among these billions is your WordPress site, which contains accurate and relevant information, or valuable consumer goods, or perfect services. Naturally, one may think that everyone in the world will understand the site’s content, as all the people know English today. The fact is, your English-speaking site is only popular among those who speak English. However, when you have a multilingual website, the result is much better. Translation attracts customers, ensures the proper design, and enables purchase functions for those who live in other cultures. If your page is translated, the clients have a better experience, as your company appeals to them as a reliable, trustworthy brand. Surely, there are even more advantages to a multilingual WordPress site. Let’s look at them.

  • Higher rankings. Your competitors have already translated their WordPress sites. Thus, the competitive advantage goes to them instead of you. If you are sure that the rival firms have single language sites, be sure to be a step ahead of them. Remember that the customers are likely to leave your page is they do not find their language on the list. In this case, the local businesses already on the target language will be luckier than you. So, when you hesitate to translate your site, remember about the local and international competitors who may already have their site on the other languages. Thus, to rank higher among the industry-related websites, be sure that you have a multilingual page so that Google will take the page up in search results.
  • Better client experience. If your site is multilingual and localized, you win a much broader segment of the audience. Besides the information in the other languages, localization re-creates your site. By doing so, you would fit your target audiences’ needs by changing dates and times, design, currency, imagery, measures and weights, and, of course, the language. Most of the described items concern your designers and programmers. However, for altering the language, you will need professional help at TranslationReport. Make sure that your WordPress site is not Google-translated, as the customers may miss most of your service, descriptions, and design. You may also hire a native proofreader that will polish your machine translation.
  • Customer-centric approach. Having a multilingual page shows that the company genuinely cares about international customers. Finding themselves “on the list” of the site’s languages means feeling appreciated and loved. Even more, if your site sells but still has something else to offer, you win. I am talking about the quality content which the customers may find on your WordPress websites. Often, such content makes them stay loyal and buy from you. Thus, do not forget to provide them with appealing texts perfectly tailored to their culture and needs.
  • “Big 10” coverage. Ten languages are the most spoken in the world. They are English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Punjabi, and Bengali. When you translate your WordPress site onto these languages, you have 76.3 percent worldwide coverage. Remember that most of the people who visit multilingual websites will only buy from the parts which are translated to their native language. Still, be sure to address one more essential aspect of site translation. Support and content management are equally important as translation. Therefore, plan your resources when you decide to localize your site.
  • Trust and brand image. The customers think as following: if the site owners took time, money, and efforts to translate the content, then they care about us. This is true: we do care. Still, sometimes we don’t know exactly how to show it. Translating your site is one of the most basic and simple things than you can do. Having a multilingual page can also improve brand image. That means, having many options on your language list items means that you can afford it. It also signifies specific high-ranking business culture and approach, as having the WordPress site translated means having good business manners and respecting people around you. In the world where inclusiveness and representation play a growing role, be sure to celebrate as many nationalities as possible.

Take time to stop and look at the bigger picture. There are many companies, freelancers, and startups who strive for international success. They think: well, everybody knows English, then why I should translate? The reality is, not everybody does. So, translation is a big deal. The reasons are many: your WordPress site will have a higher Google ranking, and will be more accessible and understood to the multilingual community due to localization. Plus, you will build long-lasting mutual trust and respect with your buyers due to the customer-centric approach. All in all, you will cover around 76 percent of the world population by translating to just ten languages. Think about it.


Henry Mcdowell is a professional translator who values an active lifestyle and new experiences. His main free-time activities include traveling and sports. However, he sometimes prefers to stay at home with a good book or a film in a foreign language.

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