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6 Best Education WordPress Themes

Social media has seemingly taken over the world, and people are even beginning to think that the good old websites are a thing of the past now. But that is not the case.

Most big players on the market have always realized that – but what if you’re a student trying to launch your first tutoring or writing business? Unlike big companies, students don’t have the resources to build a website from scratch; luckily, they can still use WordPress.

With this mega-popular platform, practically anyone can create a decent site without hiring a developer, and it will still function properly. So, you could just as well choose EssayWritingService to pay for essay and spend several hours (or days, in the worst-case scenario) setting up and customizing your own official website or blog. Yeah, right from college!

But how do you make it look really awesome? By choosing the right WordPress theme! In this article, we’ll explain what exactly a WordPress theme is, and give you a list of the best themes for education businesses and experts. Hang on.

What is a WordPress Theme?

People who are only vaguely familiar with WordPress usually think that a theme is only about looks. Indeed, a theme’s main function is to define the overall appearance of your site or blog. But there’s more than that.

Technically, a WordPress theme is a folder containing some files – images, pieces of code, CSS stylesheets, and more. Apart from defining the looks of your website, a theme can also enhance its user experience by controlling its presentation and functionality. For example, you can add an online store or any other section if you need to.

Thus, it’s crucial to pick the right theme so that your visitors would not be confused as to what your site is about and how it can be useful to them.

How to Choose a Theme for an Educational Website

If you’re building an educational website, you probably already have a general idea of how it should look.

Apparently, an essay writing service site can’t look the same as an entertainment news blog, but there are more nuances when it comes to making a practical choice.

Here are the things to consider:

  • The overall look and layout;
  • Functionality;
  • Popularity;
  • Your budget.

So, Free or Paid?

Free doesn’t mean low-quality as WordPress themes go. So, if you don’t have a budget to spare, you can safely start with a freebie that can be found in the WordPress.org Theme Directory.

On the other hand, paid offers can make your site really stand out. Besides, tech support is usually better, and you will receive regular updates, too.

Below, you’ll find a list of some great WordPress themes that perfectly fit the niche.

6 Best Education WordPress Themes

Education Base

This clean and colorful one has everything an educational business like a school or a children’s camp might need.

The homepage features a full-width header right in the middle, so your customers won’t fail to notice. There also are three brightly colored boxes at the bottom for the most important features and an easy-to-navigate menu on the top of the page.

Education Base is also customizable – for example, you can add your logo, change colors and fonts, add various widgets. What’s more, you can easily integrate it with WooCommerce and SiteBuilder plugins and sell your products right from your page.

Kids Campus

For those working with children, from daycare centers to tutors, Kids Campus can be an ideal choice. It’s simple, clean, and fun, plus any user can easily find a way around due to the convenient menu and text boxes.

At a first glance, it’s instantly recognizable as a “kiddie” design. But it also has lots of useful features such as a contact bar, a call-to-action button on the homepage, and social media shortcuts as well.

VW School Education

Need something more businesslike? VW School Education can be a great option. At first, it might look like it’s only suitable for establishments like business schools or colleges. Yet, it’s easily customizable and can therefore be changed to suit the needs of practically any business.

What’s more, it looks great on mobile devices, doesn’t take ages to load, and is SEO-friendly. However, it might take some time to make this theme look and function exactly the way you want it. But in the end, it will be worth the effort.


If you are a freelancer or a micro business working with individual customers rather than groups, try Bizberg. This free theme is like a chameleon – can be customized to suit practically any business’s needs. But it aligns best with the needs of individual entrepreneurs due to its overall appearance.

Bizberg is fast and lightweight, doesn’t have any unnecessary elements, and is compatible with a vast number of plugins.


This is a premium theme, but considering its design and functionality, it’s totally worth the money. Masterstudy is perfect for online schools and individual tutors who want to showcase their online educational products and sell them right on the spot.

You can easily integrate Masterstudy with lots of useful services and plugins like WooCommerce, Mailchimp, and more. Choose from several layout options to ensure the best look and UX possible.


The award-winning EduMall theme is known for its convenience and an abundance of demos that make it super-easy to use. After running a demo, you can pick one of the great-looking templates and adjust the design to suit your purposes without wasting any time at all.

What’s more, EduMall integrates with the Tutor LMS plugin and enables you to receive reports on your courses and student activity, create quizzes, and more. All this is perfect for every business involving online courses – schools, private tutors, etc.

Final Words

These were just a few WordPress education themes, but even this list shows how versatile the choice is. So, if you’re going to join a cohort of schools and educators showcasing their services and products via an official website, don’t hesitate to choose WordPress and its spectacular themes.

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