Top 10 Best Free Responsive Educational WordPress Themes of 2022

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Top 10 Best Free Responsive Educational WordPress Themes of 2022

A good and responsive WordPress education theme is almost a must-have in an education ecosystem. It makes the school streamline operations which include enrolling students and managing their database. It also helps keep track of courses offered, staff information, proceedings in the school, and any other school process that can be streamlined through a website.

A good educational theme for online courses would be student centric. It would give a proper introduction to the platform’s usage, outline their courses, help them research, write and submit assignments, surveys, or another type of paper, write an opinion and make class suggestions, do essay research, amongst other functions.

Meanwhile, an educational WordPress theme must be inviting to websites and online visitors. It should be the face of the school to them. Therefore, it must explain what the school does and portray its image well. This article examines the different types of quality educational WordPress themes that are free and responsive.

1. Education Hub

One of the best free education WordPress themes is Education Hub. It has the right mix of simplicity, elegance, and trust. If you want website visitors to see you as trustable, Education Hub could be the right option. It combines a mix of blue, orange, and white to build a unique page. Here are the key features of Education Hub

It has an Incredible layout setting that Includes four prebuilt layouts and many widgets. It also has numerous responsive theme options. Its default page has a full-width page header that contains a lot of responsive options. As an educationist, you can include options for enrollment, teachers, students, courses available, contact, the home page, on the boxes on the page header.

Moreover, it provides robust live customizable features. You can customize its colors, upload logos, upload new menus, customize its fonts, amongst other functions. Its customization uses a Customizer API framework. At the end of the page, Education Hub provides a widgetized footer that you can edit to your taste.

Download Education Hub WordPress theme here.

2. Astra

Astra is one of the best themes you can use for education. Astra themes are multipurpose, lightweight, and fast. It has different templates and customization features to suit different use cases. Astra themes are so versatile that they can be used for different purposes. Google and NASA are well-known users of Astra. You can choose an education-designed template from the options provided by Astra.

Like many WordPress beginner themes, it doesn’t require any coding knowledge to build websites. It can also integrate with multiple systems and tools. If you are looking for the best theme for integration, Astra is a capable option. Here are the key features of Astra

  • Unlimited type family and color options
  • SEO optimized websites
  • Very fast
  • Multiple integrations to other websites and tools
  • Provides translation options
  • Over 180 pre-built websites in its arsenal.
  • Integrated with LifterLMS and LearnDash Plug-ins.

Astra is so versatile that it has different use cases. Aside from being useful for education, it can be used to create a writing blog where people can write different types of essays including opinion essays, argumentative essays, narrative essays, amongst others. The theme can also be used to write magazines.

3. Academy Pro

If you want a website creator for an online course, Academy Pro is the best option. Its themes are built for online course creators and marketers of educational content. Its theme supports video, audio, and essay content on its home page. Moreover, it provides a lot of widgetized layouts where you can create your theme widgets that suit your taste. Its key features include

  • Translation features
  • Templates for landing pages
  • Customizable headers
  • Integration with OptinMonster to create email options.

4. Educational Zone

The Educational Zone is not the most feature-rich option out there. However, it could be very effective for its perfect use. The multipurpose theme sports a simple, easy to use and professional outlook. If you want a minimally featured modern website for your school, Educational Zone is the best template.

The main feature of Educational Zone is that it sparsely displays the icons without cluttering the page.

5. LMS WordPress Theme

Another perfect theme for eLearning is LMS. With LMS, you can build websites to conduct online classes, upload tutorial videos, create opinion essays, conduct webinars, do examinations and quizzes, run training classes online. If you want a website for remote class options, LMS is among the best picks.

The user-focused theme also supports end-to-end interaction. You can communicate with the user, ask what they think and where they write opinions, and give feedback. You can also control their enrollment processes, grade them, issue them certificates, give them essays and assignments, create a reward system, amongst other options. Additionally, the theme is compatible with any browser and SEO-friendly. It is safe to say LMS is made for online education.

6. Education Base

Whether you run a university, college, or primary school’s website, Education Base is an excellent and versatile pick. The theme has a modern, responsive, and attractive theme. It provides a wide array of color designs, an advanced theme option, numerous customizable widgets. Its key features include

  • Full-width header and widgetized footer options
  • Advanced color and layout design options
  • Social icons integrated with other systems
  • Customizable copyright option
  • Slider section and notice bars

If you want a fast and high-quality theme, Education Base will help you create them in no time.

7. Education Zone

No, this is not an Educational Zone. It is something different and more feature-rich. Education Zone is an easy-to-use, visually attractive, and simple WordPress theme designed for educational institutions. The theme is best used by universities, training academies, high schools, LMS, primary schools, amongst others.

Alternatively, it can build various types of websites outside education. Corporate organizations and businesses that use it to build their websites. That points out something. The Education Zone is very flexible and versatile. It boasts of over 4000 active installations.

Education Zone helps you build a professional website that is friendly to both tutors and students. It has a wide array of features which include

  • Stat counters to calculate any statistic relating to your institution
  • Design that streamlines course navigation and selection
  • Banner templates that can be used to create attention to special events engage visitors, sell tickets, call people to actions, visitors conversion, amongst others
  • SEO optimization in search
  • Ability to build websites with speedy load times
  • Social media integration
  • Translation features

In essence, if your educational institution wants the best online hub, creating their website with an Education Zone is the best option.

8. Rara Academic

Rara Academic is specially built for universities, colleges, and tertiary institutions. However, its customization features and a wide array of options make it worthwhile for primary and high schools, businesses, and corporate organizations. Rara Academic sports a visually appealing look with customizable layout settings and numerous theme options. It is user-friendly, end-to-end interactive, responsive, and feature-rich. If you want to opt-out of Education Zone, Rara Academic is the signature alternative. The key features of Rara Academic include

  • Customizable menu
  • Full-width banners and headers
  • Courses navigation section
  • Section for social media integration
  • Call to action button and visitor engagement template
  • Customizable widgets that houses three options; popular posts, recent post, and social media
  • Sectioned footer area and sidebars on the right
  • SEO optimized
  • Builds websites with faster loading time
  • Translation features.

Looking at Rara Academic, it is safe to say its key features are very similar to Education Zone’s; this makes the two perfect alternatives where you can make the best choice.

9. Kindergarten Education

Kindergarten Education is a beautiful, kid-based school template that can build kid school websites. The system is user-friendly, very customizable, individual-focused, and visitor-friendly. It is one of the best templates to build a kid’s website. Key Features of Kindergarten Education include

  • SEO optimization
  • speedy loading of pages
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Compatibility with numerous browsers
  • Banner with a call to action buttons
  • Layouts posts, products, and pages
  • Shortcode option to input additional advanced features
  • Demo option to understand the framework of the template
  • Translation features
  • Language support. It gives options for many languages, including Arabic, Spanish, English, French, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, German, Russian, etc.

10. Kindergarten School

Another kid-focused template is Kindergarten School. The theme is designed to meet the demands of websites for child care, preschools, kindergarten schools, and every form of website that focuses on children’s education. However, it has attractive color options useful for high school and primary school services.

It has a lot of vibrant options that enable speedy loading time and a great user experience. It also offers numerous customization themes and layout designs. Key Features of Kindergarten School include:

  • Shortcodes features to create the type, layout, and design of posts you want
  • Call to action button
  • Mobile-friendly layout
  • Interactive and visit engaged look
  • Translation features.


Finding the best educational theme for your new educational blog, school website, or online courses is easy. All you need to do is analyze your options and see what works best for you. It would allow you to make an informed decision regarding the best themes available.

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