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6 Best Popup Builder Plugins for WordPress

If implemented properly, popups are great to maximize your marketing campaign. You can use a popup to generate more email subscribers via an email subscription form, display a promotional banner, or just to display an announcement. If you use WordPress, there are a bunch of popup builder plugins you can use to create popups. We will cover some of the best ones in this article.

Each popup builder comes with different features. Elementor’s Popup Builder, for instance. This popup builder plugin allows you to display a popup on a specific page with a certain trigger. It also has a visual editor to allow you to design your popup.

Here are 6 of the best popup builder plugins for WordPress that we recommend.

1. Elementor’s Popup Builder

You might have known this. Elementor is one of the most popular page builder plugins for WordPress. The pro version of this page builder comes with a feature-rich popup builder. It allows you to set where your popups to appear, whether on the entire website or certain pages only. You can also set a popup to appear only on certain devices (desktop, tablet, and smartphone). In addition, you can also control how a popup to appear on your website as Elementor offers several trigger options:

  • On page load
  • On scroll
  • On scroll to element
  • On click
  • After inactivity
  • On page exit intent

There are also advanced rules you can set to display a popup with certain parameters such as after x page views, after x sessions, from a certain URL, and so on. Most importantly, Elementor allows you to design your popup wits its drag-and-drop, visual editor. While you can create a popup from scratch, Elementor also offers popup templates to save you time in creating a popup.

2. JetPopup

JetPopup is the best alternative to Elementor’s popup builder. It is an Elementor-based popup builder developed by Crocoblock. Elementor-based means you can use the Elementor’s visual editor to create your popup. The features offered by JetPopup are not much different from Elementor’s popup builder. It also supports several trigger types and allows you to control where a popup appears. Here are the trigger types offered by JetPoup.

  • On page load
  • Inactivity time after
  • Page scrolled
  • Try exit
  • On date
  • Custom selector click

JetPopup also offers popup templates which you can access from its popup library. You can integrate JetPopup with MailChimp in case you want to use your popup to display an email subscription form. JetPopup itself is a premium Elementor add-on. You can use it whether on Elementor Free or Elementor Pro. JetPopup is also available on the bundle of the Monstroid2 theme.

3. Bloom

Bloom is one of the products from Elegant Themes, the developer of Divi theme and Divi Builder. Even so, Bloom has no dependency on either Divi Theme or Divi Builder. You can install Bloom on any WordPress theme. Bloom is especially a great option if your purpose of using a popup builder is to display an email subscription form for a marketing purpose as it comes with an analytics feature that allows you monitoring the stats of your forms such as conversion rate, the number of subscribers, weekly subscriber growth, and so on.

There are over 100 popup templates offered by Bloom. After selecting one, you can customize it to meet your taste and needs. Bloom also allows you to control where and how a popup to appear. The trigger types offered by Bloom are:

  • After delay time
  • After inactivity
  • After commenting
  • After scrolling
  • After purchasing
  • On block

Bloom supports integration with email marketing tools like Mailchimp, MailerLite, AWeber, ActiveCampaign, and so on. You can download Bloom by becoming a member of Elegant Themes.

4. WP Popups

WP Popups is another feature-rich popup builder plugin for WordPress, which you can install on your WordPress site, no matter the theme you use. WP Popups is also great for a marketing purpose as it comes with an analytics feature that allows you to track the conversions as well as the impressions of your popups. The analytics can be integrated with Google Analytics. Same as three first popup builder plugins above, WP Forms also allows you to control how a popup to appear. There are over 30 display rules offered by WP Forms. It has the capability to display a popup based on multiple trigger types.

Other features offered by this popup builder include 45+ entrance animation, template builder, A/B Testing and Geolocation. Some email marketing tools supported by WP Forms are Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, MailerLite, and GetResponse.

5. ConvertPlus

The four first popup builder plugins above adopt a subscription-based business model, meaning that you have to pay a subscription fee to continuously use them. If you hate a subscription-based business model, ConvertPlus is a great option. This popup builder is available on CodeCanyon with a one-time purchase option. No subscription fee applied.

ConvertPlus is also great for a marketing purpose. It has a real-time analytics feature that allows you to keep an eye on the number of clicks, unique views, and conversions. The integration with Google Fonts allows you to choose over 700+ fonts when designing your popup. The trigger types offered by ConvertPlus are exit intent, after scroll, user inactivity, and page load. The plugin also allows you to control where a popup to appear. ConverPlus offers more than 100 ready-to-use popup templates. The email marketing tools you can integrate ConvertPlus with are MailChimp, AWeber, MailerLite, GetResponse, Mad Mini, and several other services. You can also integrate ConvertPlus with WP Bakery in case you use it.

6. Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups is another great option if you hate a subsription-based business model. This plugin is also available on CodeCanyon so you can buy it with a one-time purchase option instead of paying a subsription fee. Ninja Popups is also a great popup builder for a marketing purpose as it comes with an analytics feature to allow you to keep an eye on the performance of your popups.

Ninja Popups offers a visual editor that you can use to create your popup. You can either create a popup from scratch or from a template. Ninja Popups supports the following trigger types:

  • Exit intent
  • After scrolling
  • After inactivity
  • On load page

Some email marketing tools you can integrate with Ninja Popups are Mailchimp, MailerLite, Mad Mini, GerResponse, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor

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