11 Best Price Comparison Shopping Engines to Increase WooCommerce Sales

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11 Best Price Comparison Shopping Engines to Increase WooCommerce Sales

In terms of online shopping, customers normally compare the same products from various stores. After a proper analysis, customers finally make the decision to purchase the product.

It helps the customers and owners to maintain the flow of the online business. So that you must prepare your products to beat the comparison game and become relevant to potential customers.

For this purpose, you should focus on using price comparisons for your products. Because it will give a crystal clear idea about what your competitor is selling and their services.

In fact, you can get updated with the current market value and price of similar products.

In this article, we are going to talk about some prominent price comparison shopping engines that will help you to boost your sales impactfully.

What is Price Comparison?

Price comparison is a process where customers compare the price of a particular product from multiple stores. After the comparison process, customers select their product from a specific shop and purchase that product.

There are countless numbers of shopping comparison websites and apps available in the digital world. From those sites, customers can choose their products from thousands of retailers.

11 Best Price Comparison Shopping Engines to Enhance WooCommerce Sales

In this section, we will discuss those famous price comparison engines that help you to grab considerable numbers of target shoppers.

So, let’s dive deep into that.

1. Google Shopping

There is no doubt that Google Shopping is one of the prominent and biggest price comparison shopping engines available on the internet.

Various retailers add their product information to the Google Merchant Centre for the promotion of their Products.

Google shopping Ads display product ads from multiple online retailers based on users’ search intents. So customers can easily compare products and finally purchase them.

The majority of online users properly analyze Google while purchasing any products. According to Google Research Data, 59% of people research Google before buying their desired products from an online store.

To run your Google Shopping campaigns, you have to add your product data to Google Merchant Center. We will discuss that in the bottom section of this article.

When you successfully add your product data, your product ads will be displayed on various platforms of Google. Shopping ads will show your ads with full-fledged information about your products. In fact, it also includes your product reviews and ratings.

Key advantages

  • Opportunity for extensive reach.
  • Create a powerful brand identity.
  • Significantly increase CTR.
  • Provide accurate analytical reports.

2. Idealo

Idealo is one of the popular price comparison engines in Germany. It’s mostly famous around the European region.

Online business owners can easily advertise their products and services on this platform. Generally, the products are listed based on price, user ratings, and popularity.

Besides that, Idealo product pages show the product features and audience reviews. So the potential customer can choose products based on their personal demands.

Idealo is popular among shoppers for its various lucrative product offers. This platform provides its users with 350 million offers from 50,000 retailers. So shoppers feel more excited to purchase products from Idealo.

Idealo contains apps for smartphone operating systems such as Android and IOS. From these apps, users can easily compare and grab their products from different retailers.

Even if users like any product offers, they can send those offers information to their friends via Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter. Also, this app has a barcode scanner to make shopping more flexible.

Key advantages

  • Numerous product discounts for customers.
  • Cost-efficient for retailers.
  • Product filtering option.
  • A legit and reliable place for promotional strategy.

3. PriceRunner

PriceRunner was created as a price comparison platform in 1999, which is generally active in the UK, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. The major purpose of this platform is to help customers find better products at better prices.

In fact, PriceRunner is an independent price comparison service provider. It’s not owned by any manufacturer or dealers.

Currently, PriceRunner contains 2.6 million products for potential customers. Also, the customers can compare the offers and prices from 6,100 product dealers.

As a WooCommerce business owner, you can easily sign up on PriceRunner and add your product information without spending any money.

After the sign-up process, you will get access to the Merchant Zone. From the merchant section, you can see the price statistics, analytical reports, and online marketing campaign analysis.

Through the “Statistics” function, you can easily track your best-performing products. So that you can customize the products based on the demands of the customers.

Key advantages:

  • Provide useful information about price statistics and market analysis.
  • Show customers and expert reviews about products.
  • Free and paid promotional campaign opportunity.
  • Ensure the safest shopping experience for consumers.

4. PriceSpy

PriceSpy is a European price comparison site that makes eCommerce product selling more flexible to retailers. It will help you to grow your WooCommerce sales more significantly by adding your product data to this platform.

This platform started its journey in 2002 as a small platform in Ängelholm, Sweden. Now PriceSpy contains 220 working team members to run this platform flawlessly.

You can easily reach a massive number of customers in your online shop. Because PriceSpy grows its networks in various European countries such as Ireland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, France, etc.

As we know, the importance of mobile-friendly sites and apps. Because most of the shoppers purchase their desired products through their smartphones. So, PriceSpy has developed smartphone apps for flexible price comparison.

Besides that, PriceSpy will provide you with effective insights about your competitors. If any competitor releases new products, you will automatically get notified.

Key advantages

  • Product prices are displayed in various metrics.
  • Retailers can add product variations.
  • Shows customer reviews and ratings.
  • Powerful competitor insights for the retailers.

5. Kelkoo

Kelkoo is a price comparison platform that deals with thousands of international dealers and promotes their products. Currently, they contain millions of products on their site for comparing prices.

It is one of the oldest shopping comparison platforms available on the internet. The Kelkoo group has provided their services for more than 20+ years in the online marketplace. They have worked with famous websites like Amazon, Play.com, and ebookers.

Also, Kelkoo established a premium publisher network with various famous brands such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo that will help you to grab quality leads in your online store.

In fact, you don’t need to worry about updating your product feed to this platform. Kelkoo works with prominent eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and PrestaShop. So you can flexibly export your product information on this platform.

This is a cost-efficient platform for retailers. It works on the CPC model. You don’t have to pay any hidden cost for promoting your products.

Key advantages:

  • Works with all major eCommerce platforms.
  • Most budget-friendly promotions.
  • Integration with famous shopping channels.
  • Powerful campaign optimization function.

6. Bonanza

Bonanza is a user-friendly shopping comparison that inspires retailers to grow their online business.

This shopping engine was built in 2007. Now it has become one of the biggest seller-centric marketplaces. It has multiple online selling tools that help retailers to grow their online stores more efficiently.

After connecting your online shop with Bonanza, you can easily import your item data from eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and Etsy.

Also, it has functions for multiple-item editing. So, if you have huge numbers of products in your store, you can edit those items based on groups to show on Bonanza listings.

Key advantages:

  • Advanced marketing campaign function.
  • Multiple item editing ability.
  • Full-fledged eCommerce website development.
  • Auto-merged with famous shopping channels.

7. Shopzilla

Shopzilla is another USA and Europe-based shopping engine platform. This platform was created in 1996 in London, United Kingdom. It is managed and run by a company called Connexity.

Now, this platform contains 100 million products and partners with more than ten thousand retailers to serve a sufficient amount of products to the customers.

Also, 40 million shoppers purchase products from Shopzilla. So, you don’t need to worry about getting appropriate customers for your products.

Besides that, Shopzilla has the most efficient performance-based marketing techniques, such as audience targeting, powerful analytical data, smart pricing, etc.

Key advantages:

  • Advanced audience targeting for product promotion.
  • Smart pricing functionality for products.
  • Access to Connexity Bid Optimizer.
  • Effective data syndication option.

8. Skinflint

Skinflint is an independent shopping engine to compare product prices. It was launched in 2009 with 250+ merchants, especially for the USA market. This comparison website runs under the Geizhals Network. Geizhals Netw

As a WooCommerce retailer, you can deal with 5.9 million customers on this platform. Also, it has effective marketing management services such as affiliate programs, advertising, and account management.

Besides that, your product visibility will be significantly increased. Because currently, 7.5 million users visit Skinflint to purchase products and services.

Currently, this platform works with 280,000 retailers and promotes their products to massive numbers of customers.

Key advantages

  • Efficient marketing management strategies for business.
  • Free-of-cost advertising opportunity for retailers.
  • Effective product categorization for consumers.
  • Target-based promotion for speedy growth.

9. ShopMania

ShopMania is another shopping platform that connects merchants with their potential customers all around the world.

The main purpose of ShopMania is to provide customers with a better experience during purchasing products online. So that customers feel interested in purchasing in the future from online shops.

If you are an online shop retailer, you can easily list your products on this platform. To add your products, you have to visit the ShopManias merchant page and join the partner program with your online shop information.

The interface of ShopMania is filled with various significant information about products, such as price history, deals, offers, specs, ratings, reviews, etc. So customers can easily choose their desired product.

Key advantages

  • Free shopping resources for the target customers.
  • ShopMania partner program for merchants.
  • Valuable information about products for the consumers.
  • 100+ online stores to purchase products.

10. Trovaprezzi.it

Trovaprezzi.it is an Italy-based shopping engine that has provided services for 20 years to its regional customers. There are 3500+ retailers who advertise the products on Trovaprezzi.

Trovaprezzi has listed more than 18 million products for multiple online shop owners. So customers can flexibly find the appropriate products.

To join as an advertiser on this platform, you have to fill up some important information such as VAT number, company name, address of the company’s registered office, and telephone number.

In addition, Trovaprezzi provides services to various web agencies and publishers. Publishers can join their affiliate program and monetize their website to earn a good amount of commission.

Key advantages

  • Shows multiple variations of the same product.
  • Retailers can promote coupons and discounts for products.
  • Price Trend feature for retailers.
  • Customers can easily check reviews and ratings.

11. Twenga Solutions

Finally, we are going to talk about our last shopping search engine platform called Twenga. This is one of the biggest platforms for selling products online.

Every day more than 40k+ sales are successfully generated on this platform. In fact, one million+ audience members visit Twenga every day.

There are various numbers of famous companies that are partnered with Twenga, such as Rakuten, Worten, Spartoo, MADE, La Redoute, miliboo.com, etc.

Also, Twenga solutions are integrated with Google Premium CSS & Microsoft Advertising Select Partner.

Key advantages:

  • Advanced machine learning shopping solutions.
  • eCommerce expertise in premium CSS.
  • Globally selling opportunities for merchants.
  • Performance-based advertising strategy.

How to Generate WooCommerce Product Feed for Price Comparison Engines

In the upper section of this article, we have discussed some famous shopping engines to compare product prices. These platforms will boost your product’s visibility among the target customers.

But how can you add your WooCommerce product data on these platforms?

To add your product data, you have to generate your WooCommerce product feed file and update it to those shopping engine servers.

As you are using the WordPress platform, choose a powerful WooCommerce product feed manager plugin called CTX Feed. This plugin will automatically create a 100% error-free product feed for multiple shopping engines such as Google Shopping, Facebook Catalog Feed, Bing Ads, PriceRunner, PriceSpy, Rakuten, and 100+ more channels.

So, let’s see how you can easily set up this plugin in your online store.

First, install and activate the CTX Feed plugin from the WordPress plugin store.

As you can see, the plugin has been successfully added to your WordPress Dashboard. Now click on the CTX Feed, and it will redirect you to the plugin panel.

From this panel, you can create a new product feed for your preferred shopping engine. For this purpose, click on the New Feed option.

In this section, you have to provide feed-related information. Such as:

  • Country
  • Template
  • File Name
  • File Type

First, select your preferred country. Now you have to choose the feed template. Let’s assume we will create a product feed for PriceRunner. In the template section, you can see various templates for feeds. Now select the PriceRunner template.

Now set your feed file name, and choose your product feed file type. In this plugin, you can choose multiple file types such as XML, CSV, TSV, XLS, TXT, and JSON.

After successfully filling up all this information, click on the update and generate feed from the bottom section of the page.

Congratulations! Your PriceRunner product feed is ready to use.

Now you can upload this feed file with your PriceRunner account. Your product information will be automatically updated on PriceRunner.


Price comparison shopping engines are highly beneficial to promote your products and skyrocketing the growth of your WooCommerce business. It will help you to connect with the maximum number of target customers.

In this article, we have discussed some most famous shopping engines for online stores. We hope this will help you in the long run in running your online shop.

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