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Best WordPress Plugins for Dating Sites

A variety of WordPress plugins is huge today. Those who use them may face a lot of problems. An excessive number of plugins and widgets leads to errors which may cause themes to work badly on the site, for example. Most plugins are often used in order to improve the look of the site or for functions that can be implemented without plugins. All plugins are a double-edged sword – on the one hand, they are convenient since they allow any inexperienced site owner to add their favorite functions to the site. On the other hand, plugins significantly increase the number of database queries and the load on the site.

WordPress is one of the best CMSs used by millions of people all over the world. It is usually used as a blogging platform. However, WordPress is much more flexible and, thus, can be used in other ways, such as for creating a forum, an e-commerce site, a paid membership site, a job site, an aggregator site, a social network, and a dating site.

First and foremost, dating sites are social networking sites based on membership. They can be compared to Facebook. You have the same features – user profiles, private messages, likes, advanced search, etc. Another useful feature provided by most Russian video dating sites is Webcam chat that has gained popularity among many users. An additional function is paid membership. In this article, we have compiled a selection of the best WordPress plugins for creating and managing a dating website.


Rencontre is an indispensable plugin when creating a professional dating site. The plugin is suitable for inexperienced users, as the process of installation is easy. It has numerous features:

  • Private communications between members;
  • Advanced and customizable profile;
  • Private chat with a webcam;
  • Reports of inappropriate member profiles;
  • A link to your Facebook account;
  • Quick registration;
  • Importing a photo from your Facebook account;
  • Many adjustable options;
  • Multilingualism.


ARMember is an exclusive WordPress plugin for creating your own dating membership club. It has a complete set of tools for creating a membership system, and, moreover, you don’t need to have a deep knowledge of programming.

The features of ARMember will provide you with the easiest way to create a community site:

  • Simple user management;
  • An unlimited number of community membership options;
  • Flexibility in limiting content;
  • Several payment systems;
  • The ability to log in via social networks;
  • A large number of beautiful user profile templates and a list of directories with customization options;
  • Protection without a captcha.


bbPress is a free WordPress forum plugin that will come in handy when creating a forum focused on ease of integration, ease of use, web standards and speed. bbPress WordPress Plugin is designed as a lightweight and flexible plugin. It isn’t filled with unnecessary features and, hence, doesn’t slow down your site.

Some features of this plugin:

  • Creating multiple forums at once;
  • Creating multiple forum categories;
  • The ability for users to subscribe to individual forums;
  • Access to many forum converters;
  • Visibility of users starting each topic and in which category;
  • Visibility of the number of people participating in the conversation;
  • Visibility of the number of answers in the topic.


BuddyPress is a plugin that adds social networking capabilities to the basic functionality of WordPress. BuddyPress is easy to integrate, use, and expand. This is an incredibly full-featured and infinitely simple social networking engine created by WordPress developers.

BuddyPress adds the following features to WordPress:

  • Following the activity of friends or groups on the site;
  • Adding friends, groups, activity tapes, recent user entries, a biography, and contact information in the profile;
  • Adding each other in the “friends” list;
  • The ability to exchange private messages between users;
  • Creating and joining groups;
  • Blogging.

As you can see, WordPress output is a truly universal CMS platform. WordPress plugins are used almost on every site, so they are a perfect solution when creating a dating site.

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