Connect Your WordPress Site to Dropbox to Update it Automatically

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Connect Your WordPress Site to Dropbox to Update it Automatically

If you run a WordPress site and get involved in content creation, then you must be aware how priceless your contents are

Creating contents for your site is completely not easy. You should sometimes push your limit to get what you want to do. So, protecting your contents is a must. Running a WordPress site will give you many advantages including in the term of back up

There are two major ways to back up your WordPress site: manually or automatically. Automatic update enable you to save much times since it didn’t require you to run any command manually. You can keep focused on content creation or other thing regarding your site development

You can trust a WordPress plugin called “WordPress Backup to Dropbox” to automatically update your sites to your Dropbox account. Since it will be stored on the cloud, you didn’t need any additional storage device. All you need is a Dropbox account

Follow these steps if you want to connect your WordPress site to Dropbox

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard and head to Plugins –> Add New. Search for “WordPress Backup to Dropbox” and press the Install button. Activate the plugin immediately once it is installed


  • You should have a new menu called WPB2D. Head to it and choose Backup Settings to get started. Press the Authorize button and then click Continue


  • Check the “Store backup in a subfolder of the wpb2d app folder” option if you want to store your backup on a specific directory on Dropbox. In order you can set some additional options like frequency of your backup and the directory you want to exclude from your backup. Every time you make any changes, you should press the Save Changes button


  • Anytime you want to disconnect you Dropbox account, you can head to WPB2D –> Backup Settings and press the Unlink Account button


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