10 Best Content Locker WordPress Plugins to Gain More Visitors

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10 Best Content Locker WordPress Plugins to Gain More Visitors

Driving website visitors is a hard job. You need to be creative to make everything goes as you want. You may can consider using a content locker to spread your contents and get a viral effect of it. By the way, what is content locker?

Content locker is some kind of tool to lock your content. Your visitors need to do a certain act to access a special content you offer. For example, you offer an exclusive e-book and want to release it as a free item. But, before someone being able to download the e-book, they have to do a certain act like tweeting it or liking it on Facebook. This will help yo gain more visitors and have more people know your website. Not bad. Isn’t it?

There are some plugins in WordPress that can help you locking your exclusive contents. Some are free some are premium. Doesn’t matter. As long as it can give positive impacts.

So, here are 10 best content locker plugins that you can use to be implemented to your WordPress site.

1. Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress Plugin

Let’s start with this one. As you can read from its name, Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress Plugin is a premium plugin. It’s priced $19. The plugin comes with additional features to enable you tracking how success your campaign is. Some key features of this plugin include social share counter, Shortcode method, custom position, and versatile display options. The plugin also lets you choosing 10 different themes.

Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress comes with a bunch of social media sharing icons. You can choose which platforms you want to use to lock your content and your visitor will only gain access after using at least one social media platform.

Details & Download

2. Bloom Plugin

There are some things you need to note about this plugin. First, you have to spend your $89 before using this plugin. Second, the price include other resources in Elegant Themes. It means, once you paid you will have access to all resources available in Elegant Themes whether it’s plugins or themes. Elegant Themes is well-known for its reputation in providing premium WordPress themes and plugins.

Back to Bloom. The plugin is great if you want to gain more email subscribers as it will ask your visitors to type their email address before accessing the special content you offer. You can use this plugin to lock a part of the content or at the whole page.

Details & Download

3. OnePress Social Locker

If you want to play safely, OnePress Social Locker probably is something you are looking for. Many WordPress users have tried using this plugin and they mostly get satisfied with the plugin performance. You can effortlessly lock your content using this plugin to requires you visitors give their thumbs or tweet before gaining access over the content. OnePress Social Locker available in two versions, free and premium. Free version is enough if you just need to lock you content without wanting to do more things like checking the statistic.

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4. Opt-In Content Locker for WordPress

Opt-In Content Locker for WordPress is another great content locker which you can use to gain more email subscribers. Your visitor will be asked to give their name and email address before gaining access of special contents you offer. More interesting part about this plugin is that it comes with a number of features to allow you going further with your subscribers lists. For example, you can process the email lists using MailChimp as this plugin supports integration with MailChimp.

Apart from MailChimp, the plugin also supports integration with other similar services like Mad Mimi, GetResponse and AWeber. It also compatible with desktop, mobile phones and tablet PC. Opt-In Content Locker for WordPress is priced $16.

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5. Easy Social Locker

If you prefer to maximize social media rather email, then Easy Social Locker is one of the content locker plugins you need to try. Just like other social media-based content lockers, your visitors have to at least make an act with the social media button you provide. Whether tweeting your content or giving a Facebook like. Easy Social Locker claims it self as a SEO friendly plugin. So, if you care enough about SEO then giving this plugin a try seems like is a must. You need to spend $20 to have this plugin.

Details & Download

6. WordPress Like Locker

Some website owners prefer to focus on a specific social media platform, especially if they have limited resources. If your focus is on Facebook, WordPress Like Locker will be a great choice in assisting you maximizing Facebook traffics. The way this plugin works is simple. Your visitors give their like and they will start seeing the locked content. This plugin is great if your website offers free digital contents to be downloaded such as wallpapers, audios, e-books or other digital products. The plugin is priced $9.

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7. Social Traffic Pop for WordPress

Another suitable plugin to gain more social shares. Social Traffic Pop for WordPress uses a different approach in locking your special contents. It will appear as a pop up and stay centered as the user scrolls up and down the page. There are 5 social media options your visitors can choose to unlock the content starting from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn to Vkontakte.

If you don’t want to force your visitors to share your content you can also activate the close button option so they will not have to do anything but closing the pop up to access the content. This is also a premium plugin which is priced $21.

Details & Download

8. Social Content Locker for WordPress

Describing itself as a low cost content locker plugin, Social Content Locker for WordPress is one of social media-based content lockers that is worth to try. There are three major social media platforms that are supported by this plugin: Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Your visitor only need single action to gain access of your locked content. Comes with a $9 price, the plugin is also SEO friendly.

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9. Viral Lock

Just like the name suggest, this plugin is meant to help you gain more social shares to make your content go viral. Viral Lock also uses three major social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to help you spread your content via your visitors. Your visitors will be required to at least use one of those social medias to share your content. No complex configuration needed to use this plugin. Viral Lock is also a premium plugin and priced $19.

Details & Download

10. Like 2 Unlock for WordPress

Like 2 Unlock for WordPress is another plugin you need if you want to focus on Facebook rather than Twitter or Google+. Just like the name suggests, your visitors are required to give their likes to unlock the locked content on your website. The plugin is priced $12. Like 2 Unlock for WordPress provides a considered html markup that allows you to create your own style for the locker. You can change colors, fonts, sizes, paddings, backgrounds, shadows, can add your own graphic elements. No coding required.

Details & Download

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