8 Great Plugins to Convert WordPress Site to a Mobile App

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8 Great Plugins to Convert WordPress Site to a Mobile App

With the massive penetration of mobile devices, providing a mobile version of your WordPress site is crucial enough. Basically, most WordPress themes are now have been designed to be a responsive. However, people always want something more. There are also a lot of WordPress users who want to provide a native app of their WordPress sites so their users no longer need to open their site from web browser.

What if you want to present a mobile app of your WordPress powered site to bring a better experience for your visitors in accessing your site but, you have no programming skill at all?.

Don’t worry. There are some handy plugins that will allow you to effortlessly convert your WordPress site into a cool app for mobile devices, whether it’s Android or iPhone. No programming skill required at all. Below are the plugins.

1. WordApp

On the first list we have WordApp. This plugin will help you to turn your WordPress blog/site into a native app for iPhone and Android. WordApp comes with several template options that you can choose. Each template is fully customizable so you can set it to suit your site brand. While you can use this plugin for free, you may need to upgrade to the premium version to get the more out of if. Some of the premium features offered by this plugin includes push notifications, a native iOS app, Adsense advertisements and a lot more.

2. WordPress Mobile Pack

This plugin is probably the most favorite plugins to transform a WordPress-based site a mobile platform. WordPress Mobile Pack is basically a tool to transform your WordPress site content into a web-based app instead of mobile. But, you are also allowed to use this tool to build a mobile app of your site. It’s just, you need spend some dollars if you want to transform your WordPress site into a mobile app for Android or iPhone. But it’s really worth. The plugin offers a number of great mobile app templates to make your app looks awesome.

3. Worona

Worona promises to provide its service for free forever. With this plugin you can turn your WordPress site to a native Android and iPhone app and publish it to Play Store and App Store. You will be provided a dashboard to do everything you want in building a mobile app for your site. Worona also aims to merge other mobile-related solutions such as Progressive Web Apps, Facebook Instant Articles or Google AMP into its single platform.

4. Blappsta

Blappsta is a premium tool with the main purpose turning your WordPress site to a native app for Android and iPhone. You can use Blappsta to display both popular articles or latest articles. It also supports video. Before exporting your app you can instantly preview how it will look like. Basic plan of Blapptsa features push notification, template pack, social share and a lo more.

The app you create with Blappsta will be hosted in the Blappsta’s server. If you want to host it to Google and Apple you need to pay more for the add-on.

5. Androapp

As the name suggests, the plugin is developed to help you create an Android native app from your WordPress site. As explained on its site, you will only pass thgough 6 simple steps to create the app you want. At the first month you will not be billed. Once exceeding the trial period you will be billed $60/year.

Androapp comes with a number of features to make your app looks modern and up to date such as push notifications, social share and infinite scroll. The plugin also makes it ease to monetize your Android native app.

6. MobiLoud

Whether you want to turn a WordPress-based blog or a complex site, MobiLoud can handle it to transform your site into a cool native Android and iPhone app. It comes with a customizable native mobile app interface. The plugin also enable you to monetize your native app via some providers such as MoPub, Google DFP, Admob, Adsense etc. MobiLoud is also a premium tool. You need to spend at least $69 per month. A 21-day free trial is also available.

7. Wiziapp

Has been around since 2010, WiziApp is one of the old players in this market. According to its brief description, there have been more than 22,000,000 apps created using this tool. Push notifications is one of the prominent features offered by this tool. Transforming your WordPress site using WiziApp is also quite easy. You can even download the offline version of your app. WiziApp is yet another premium tool with no free version offered.

8. appful

Last but not least. Another plugin that will help you transforming your WordPress site to a native mobile app is appful. You can export your WordPress site into an Android or iOS app just in minutes. Interestingly, you will only be charged once you are satisfied with the final look of the app and it has been published. This tool comes with a number of features that you will love to such as social media sharing, offline reading, logo placement, and anti-adblockers.

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