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Let’s say you want to create a list of something on your WordPress and you start thinking of a table to ease your readers getting what you want to show. Then you start looking for a button/menu on WordPress editor and move to visual and text tab but get nothing.

By default, WordPress gives us no feature to create a table on its editor. The only way to create a table is by switching to text tab on WordPress editor and typing HTML code manually. Sounds troublesome. Isn’t it?.

However, as we knew, WordPress is a cool CMS with so many helpful plugins on its repository. We can get nearly all necessary plugins to get the most out of WordPress.

In this article we are going to show how to create a better table in WordPress post using a plugin called TablePress.

An introduction of TablePress plugin

TablePress is cool WordPress plugin to allow you create a better table for your article. Once created a table you can itf put anywhere within your WordPress by inserting a shortcode.

At fist you may get little bit confuse on how to use it. Instead of inserting a table and filling in the content inside your posts or pages, TablePress requires you to create a table beforehand and insert it using a shortcode. The main advantage of taking this route is that you can update your table without the need to edit your posts or pages.

How to use TablePress to create a table on WordPress

  • First and foremost, you have to install the plugin first. Just go to Plugins –> Add New and type “tablepress” on the keyword field. Click the Install Now button to install.

  • Activate the plugin immediately once the installation progress is finished. You should see a new menu on your WordPress dashboard titled TablePress. You will also see a new small icon on your WordPress editor.

  • To get started, you can go to TablePress –> All Tables. As you can see, there are several tab menus that you can use to create beautiful tables.
  • To create your first table click on Add New from the tab menu. Type the title of your table and give a brief description over it. Don’t forget to adjust the amount of row and column. Once you done, click the Add Table button.

  • Fill the table you have created with the content you want. In this case, I create a list of my favorite Marvel’s superheroes. You can scroll down to see other options.

  • Once you done with your table, click on the Save Changes button. And then please create a new post or page to insert the table. Click on the TablePress icon to insert the table.

  • Below is the example of the table I created.
[table id=1 /]

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