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Let’s say you are preparing your website built with WordPress but it’s not ready yet to be launched. People already know this and you don’t want to lose your visitor candidates so you decided to create a “coming soon” page to let them know your website will be ready in the next month.

You can actually create a static page (you can use a page builder plugin Elementor and Brizy to create better looking coming page) in WordPress and use it as the “coming soon” page. But, there is a better way to create a “coming soon” page in WordPress using plugin. Just to inform, there are many “coming soon” plugins available in the WordPress plugins repository. This article will show you how to create a “coming soon” page in WordPress using Easy Coming Soon plugin.

Why Easy Coming Soon?

I prefer Easy Coming Soon because it’s easy to set up. Its default page is also pretty good to let you display a beautiful coming soon page without too much touches. Furthermore, you can also display a notification form to collect email addresses from your visitor candidates and notify them once your website has ready.

Easy Coming Soon is a freemium plugin. Free version of this plugin only offers you a single template but you can customize it so this is not a big problem I guess. Let’s get started.

Installing the plugin

Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins –> Add New. Search for “Easy Coming Soon” in the search box and press the Install Now button. Activate the plugin immediately once it’s installed.

Customize the coming soon page

Once you done installing the plugin you can start make some changes over its default settings to suit your need. To get started, click on the Easy coming soon menu on the left sidebar.

You can replace the default words by entering your own headline on the Headline column and description in the Description column. If you wish it, you can also change the background and display your Twitter and Facebook account. Don’t forget to click the Save Options button to apply your changes.

Change the design

If you don’t like the default color of font you can change it to suit your taste. Other than that, you can also change the default size of the font, style and the background color (if you want to use color instead of image). Again, don’t forget to click the Save Options button to apply your design changes.

Manage notification form

To display notification form in Easy Coming Soon click the Notification Settings and change the Mail Option to Mail to the owner option. Then enter your email address. You can also change the default words of your notification form if you wish it. Click the Save Options button once you done.

Until here you have done creating a coming soon page with the free version of Easy Coming Soon. You can preview what you have done by clicking the Preview button.

Once you get satisfied with the result, return to General Settings to enable Easy Coming Soon.

Here is the example of mine. Not too bad. Isn’t it?

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