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Creating the Ultimate Knowledge Base on WordPress

There is no doubt that WordPress has become a staple platform for the majority of websites and it continues to remain as popular as ever, despite the competition.

WordPress has reached this place for a reason, and it would not be a stretch to suggest that it could work as a perfect place to offer a knowledge base for your customers and visitors.

Herothemes compiled best knowledge base examples. Once you look at them, any doubts that might still linger should disappear immediately. And then you will look to create something like that yourself.

The following guide should work great for both new and advanced users of WordPress so make sure you follow every step mentioned. And when you are finished, your knowledge base will be up and running.

Install a Plugin

It should be obvious that you need a website that is already live on WordPress. The first thing to do is picking either of the available plugins for a knowledge base. WordPress has a few available options so look at the options, and what you feel would suit your interests the most.

When such a plugin is activated, you should end up on a welcome screen and start setting it all up. Click on the “knowledgebase” button and move on to the next step.


Since there will be a lot of content, you need to separate it into categories. In other words, different articles for different topics. It is akin to writing something like an FAQ page. It depends on what your business is about. Think about what categories make the most sense and divide your article in that manner. But do not fret too much because you can always add more categories later. It is that easy on WordPress.


Now the articles themselves are the most important part. Writing them takes time and you will need to spend resources on gathering information. It would probably be best to hire someone for this job. And make sure that the content itself is unique to improve SEO and distinguish your business from the competition.

Once again, you can always adjust and update anything you write, so start with creating the basic foundation and move forward from there.

Display Page

It depends on the plugin, but a default page should be created once your article or articles are published. It would probably look like this: “”. You can always make adjustments, like changing the URL or rearranging the whole thing in a way that you feel looks better.


Widgets are great companions for anything related to WordPress. In the case of knowledge bases, they will allow you to customize it and help with display, emphasizing certain areas.

Whenever you want to add a new widget, go to the plugin page, click on “Appearance” and select “Widgets”. Again, it comes down to the plugin, but you should have a fair share of options that can boost the knowledge base and make everything better.


If you have reached this point, the knowledge base should be more or less ready to go live. But if you want to play more with its functionality, there is some merit in tweaking certain settings. Visit that section of the plugin and you can make adjustments, like:

  • Adding custom CSS styling.
  • Changing the number of articles that are displayed on the archive page.
  • Adding certain restrictions to the knowledge base.

Specific Themes for Knowledge Base

Now while the website itself absolutely needs a page or two that are dedicated to the knowledge base, you could take things to another level and develop a website that is nothing but a knowledge base.

WordPress is also a perfect place for that as it has a number of premium themes that are creating specifically for running knowledge base websites.

Looking for Examples

As a final piece of advice, it is worth mentioning that if you are struggling with developing a knowledge base, be it from a technical or content writing point of view, you can always look for examples. Those should broaden your horizons and help immensely. Of course, you should not copy them completely, but rather take the best parts of theirs and apply them to your own website.

Enjoy the Knowledge Base

That is about all you need to have a functioning knowledge base that is very easy to update and maintain. And do not expect to be done with it the moment it goes live as there will be changes in the industry and new challenges waiting for you. Make sure that everything is in order and constantly introduce new information that you find to be necessary to have.

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