The Easiest Way to Display Ads in The Middle of Post in WordPress

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The Easiest Way to Display Ads in The Middle of Post in WordPress

Here is the case. You want to display an unit ads in the middle of post in your WordPress site but you have no idea how  to do that as you don’t have any programming skill. Then you start thinking of a plugin. But, which plugin? There thousands of plugin available in the WordPress plugin repository.

If you want to display an ads in the middle of post, Quick Adsense is a great plugin. In fact, this plugin also allows you to display the ads unit anywhere within your blog. It can be in the begging of post, in the middle of post or even in the bottom of post.

Follow these steps to display an ads in the middle of post.

Step one: Install the plugin

The Quick Adsense plugin has not been update in over two years but it still works well. As usual, to install the plugin please login to your WordPress dashboard and head to Plugins –> Add New. Type “Quick Adsense” in the search field to find the plugin. Or, you can also download the plugin and reupload it to install.

Activate the plugin immediately once it’s installed. By now, you will have a new sub menu called “Quick Adsense” under the Settings menu of your WordPress.

Step two: Installing the ads

Back to your case. Go to Settings –> Quick Adsense to start installing your ads unit. On the Options section, check the Middle of Post and choose the ads code you want to display from the drop down menu.

Scroll down to the Adsense Codes section and put your ads code in the available fields. You can put any ads code to these field, not just Google Adsense. In order if you want to hide your ads on a specific post, you don’t have to remove your code. Just add the “<!–NoAds–>” tag to your post (read here for detail).

Scroll down to the bottom once you done adding the code and click the Save button.

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