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7 Useful Free Dropbox Plugins for WordPress

WordPress and Dropbox are two big names in each field. While WordPress is a widely implemented  CMS used by bloggers and companies to showcase their presence in the internet, Dropbox is one of the most popular free online storage services. Integrating the two is not a bad idea to make everything easier in the future.

For instance, you may want to automatically backup your WordPress blog to Dropbox periodically with a certain schedule you have set before (we have covered this in our previous post).

Or, you probably wish to insert the existing images from your Dropbox account to a WordPress post. Like I said, you can integrate Dropbox and WordPress to make everything easier. There are a number of Dropbox plugins for WordPress out there that you can use, ranging from free to the paid ones.

The list below will show you the best free Dropbox plugins that you can install on your WordPress site.

1. BackWPup

There are several plugins that are designed to help you effortlessly backup your WordPress blog. BackWPup is one of this kind of plugin. The focus of BackWPub is to help you backing up your WordPress data to Dropbox. You can set how frequent the plugin will transfer your WordPress data to your Dropbox account in a simple steps.

2. Backup & Restore Dropbox

Another plugin that you can use to automatically transfer your WordPress blog to Dropbox. With Backup & Restore Dropbox plugin you can periodically transfer your WordPress to Dropbox with no complex steps. The plugin lets to you to transfer the entire WordPress blog (database and files). Additionally, it also helps you to restore your WordPress when something bad is happen to your server.

3. WordPress Backup to Dropbox

Most WordPress users turn to WordPress Backup to Dropbox when they want to automatically transfer their valuable WordPress blog to Dropbox. The plugin is written by Michael De Wildt and you can install and set it up in minutes. You can choose whether want to backup the entire WordPress, database or just the files only. The plugin will be working continuously once set the schedule.

4. Simple Dropbox Upload

The way this plugin works is a bit similar to Dropbox’s file request where you can display an upload form on a blog post or certain page. Your readers will be able to upload something you want. You can customize the upload form and show customized message after successful upload. The development of Simple Dropbox Upload seems like has been stopped as it’s not updated for over three years. But this plugin still works well.

5. Dropbox Photo Sideloader

If you wish it you can also insert the existing images on your Dropbox account to a WordPress post. One of plugins that you can use to handle this task is Dropbox Photo Sideloader. The plugin will appear into the sidebar of media uploader interface in which you can choose the existing images on your Dropbox account from it. Again, this plugin seems like has been discontinued but still works well.

6. Simply Attached

Let’s say you want to offer some digital items to your lovely readers. Unfortunately you have not enough spaces in your server. Don’t be broken. Don’t you have a Dropbox account?.

You can easily attach your Dropbox files to your WordPress post or page using Simply Attached so you don’t have to host the files you want to offer to your own server to keep it spacious. This plugin also hasn’t been updated for over 2 years but still runs seamlessly.

7. Post via Dropbox

As the name suggests, this plugin lets you posting an article to WordPress directly from your Dropbox. Post via Dropbox uses the text file’s name as the default title of your WordPress post, but you can also define your own titles, categories, tags, etc. It also supports Markdown formatting, so you can easily format your posts within the text file. The plugin has also not been updated for over 2 years but you can still use it without any problem.

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