Effective WordPress Hacks to Protect Your Website from Malware Practices

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Effective WordPress Hacks to Protect Your Website from Malware Practices

Once an obscure content management system has now transformed into a powering online medium for many businesses running globally, it may interest you to know. Such is its impact that up to 35% of the web users are using WordPress to kick-start their online ventures. And the reason is impeccable features, seamless integration, and easy access to power solutions.

Considering all these facts and figures, the total number of WordPress websites on the internet is beyond 1.3 billion. Additionally, WordPress users create more than 70 million new posts and 77 million fresh comments every month. And that makes it a total of half a million words being written on WordPress monthly.

So, what’s the concern?

Almost every month, WordPress gets more than 487 billion spam messages. This has raised some serious security alerts for WordPress users. The spam commenting has accelerated in the previous years the most. Going into the details reveals that the spam commenting is 6,208 times higher than the genuine comments published. All in all, WordPress is encountering some serious problems in terms of spam activities. This raises the need to strengthen the security measures for your website.

Here’s how to do it.

WordPress – How to secure it?

WordPress has come a long way since its inception in 2003. It has become one of the highly popular CMS (content management systems), powering up to 30% of websites running online. As it continues to grow, hackers seem to have targeted WordPress. No matter what sort of information you provide, services, or products you offer, hacking practices are standard for everyone. And that’s where you should realize the importance of improving your security measures on your website.

Tip no. 1 – Go for a good hosting service provider

This is one of the main things to consider when setting up your website on WordPress. When you go with a reliable hosting service provider, you choose to have multiple layers of protection for your web experience. When it comes to finding a hosting service provider, people often look upon cheap options available online. However, it may help you save some bucks but can take a toll on your website surfing experience. Consider having a service provider offering 24*7 support to your website’s issues.

Tip no. 2 – Avoid nulled themes

WordPress premium themes are a go-getter for any business type. There are many benefits of availing premium themes, from unlimited, customizable options to easy access to different plugins. Complex codes back premium themes. Therefore, you may require hiring a professional and experienced developer to understand the insights effectively. Plus, there are zero restrictions on theme customization, which ensures a seamless experience for you. Above all, you are likely to receive daily theme updates enriching your experience of exploring advanced features.

But at the same time, there are website theme plans that offer cracked or nulled themes. A nulled website theme is the hacked version of a premium theme for those who don’t know. It is available illegally and may put you in deep trouble if used. These website themes may look lucrative at once but may end up destroying the website, database, admin credentials, and other log details. So, beware of nulled themes.

Tip no. 3 – Maintain your website

The reality of this world is your work does not end at launching a WordPress website. Instead, the crucial part of responsibilities begins thereafter. Online businesses running in the UK take it seriously; thus, ensure WordPress maintenance in the UK to avoid hampering the website’s quality. Regular website maintenance ensures more minor bugs, no plug or theme-related issues, and a seamless experience for your viewers. Basically, the maintenance process reduces the chances of a website getting hacked, regulates a thorough website clean-up process, eliminates vulnerabilities while strengthening the website security measures. Moreover, WordPress maintenance is significant to update your website’s code and get more plugins and themes on board.

Tip no. 4 – Get SSL certificate

SSL certificate is an integral part of almost every website. Single Sockets Layer processes a command to secure the website from some specific transactions, for instance – process payments. Currently, Google provides all websites with a unique SSL certificate which adds better credibility to an online platform.

SSL is a mandatory certificate for websites containing delicate information like credit card details, passwords, and much more. A website without an SSL certificate often fails to deliver the data between the user’s browser and the webserver. It converts into simple text, making the website code more complex to understand. You may find it difficult to read the code, but hackers are pro at reading and decoding the website code. And that’s where your website’s encrypted information is exposed to danger. The decoded information is then transferred between the browsers and the server.

Tip no. 5 – Change the WP-login URL immediately

By default, the login access to the WordPress website is through “website.com/wp-admin.” Leaving your website to the default settings can lead to easy tracking of your website’s admin credentials. Moreover, if you accept the users to register for a subscription on your website, the chances are that you may accept spam registrations as well. To prevent it all, change the admin URL immediately and change the credentials.

Bonus tip – If you are still unsure about securing your admin account or login page, add a 2-factor authentication plugin to your website. This will lay down an additional layer of protection on your website, allowing users to access the site after following the additional authentication process. Plus, check the IP addresses of users who registered on your website for a subscription.

The bottom line is that

No wonder WordPress is here to give you a magnificent website experience in all terms. But at the same time, it demands a little maintenance and care in return. And that’s not something more to give in return for a fantastic website user experience. All you need is to be aware of what can hamper your website and prevent all those factors effectively.

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