How Elementor Template Kit Can Help You Create a Beautiful Website in Minutes

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How Elementor Template Kit Can Help You Create a Beautiful Website in Minutes

Everyone seems need to thanks Matt Mullenweg. Thanks to his work, everyone can now create a website effortlessly. Even if they have no programming skill at all. However, WordPress is just a framework. To create a whole website with the functionalities according to your needs, you need the supporting components: a proper theme and plugins.

While installing WordPress takes less than 5 minutes, it takes hours to select a theme that best fits the purpose of your website creation. But with a page builder plugin, you can create a unique, beautiful WordPress-based website with any theme, even the default theme of WordPress (Twenty Nineteen). Elementor is one of the best page builder plugins for WordPress we strongly recommend. This page builder even allows you to create your own WordPress theme without coding.

Recently, Elementor has just released a new feature called Theme Kit. What is that?

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In case you are new to Elementor, template is one of the features offered by Elementor. While you can create a page from scratch, an Elementor template allows you to create a beautiful page in minutes. The Elementor team has created over 100 ready-to-use templates you can choose from. In Elementor, you can load a template by clicking the folder icon on the Elementor editor/canvas. The Template Library will appear once you click this button.

In the Template Library, you can find a wide range of page templates. From home page, contact page, about page, landing page and so on. However, you can’t really rely on the Elementor Template Library for a whole website since Elementor doesn’t provide templates for all site pages with the same concept (same design concept).


If you want to create a fitness website, you might think the following home page template is a suited option.

However, (unless you want to create a website that consists only a single page) Elementor doesn’t provide other supporting page templates (about page, contact page and so on) with the same design concept. Thus, you need to create other pages yourself, from scratch. Template Kit is released to fix this problem.

Template Kit is a set of templates aimed at Elementor users to create a whole website. In general, an Elementor Template Kit consists of the following templates:

  • A home page
  • A header
  • A footer
  • A contact page
  • An about page
  • A 404 page
  • A blog archive
  • A single post layout

As you know, the eight elements above are the most common elements found on a website. Since those elements are available on a Template Kit, you can create a whole website with Elementor in minutes by importing the elements/templates. You just need to tailor the content (such as images and texts) according to the needs of your website.

Note: Template Kit is only available for Elementor Pro users.

Elementor promises to release a Template Kit every month. The first release of Template Kit is called Digital Agency which — just like the name suggests — is aimed at digital agency websites.

How to use a Template Kit

The use of Template Kit is not different to other Elementor templates. You can import a template from a Template Kit from the Template Library. Let’s make the Digital Agency Template Kit as an example.

This Template Kit consists of the following elements:

  • Homepage template
  • Header & footer template
  • About page template
  • Clients page & contact us page template
  • Services & single service page templates

  • 404 page template
  • Archive template
  • Single post layout template
  • Popup template

Creating all of those elements definitely will make this article be too long so we will only demonstrate how to import the home page and the header.

# Home page

  • Create a new page (Pages -> Add New) and edit with Elementor.
  • Set the page layout from the Settings menu (click the gear icon on the bottom-left corner). Select Elementor Canvas.
  • Click the folder icon the editor/canvas. To save you time in finding the home page template of the Digital Agency Template Kit, type “Digital Agency” on the available search box. Click the Insert button to load the template.

Once the template is loaded to the canvas, change the default content. You can use the Elementor Navigator to jump between sections to edit the content. The Elementor team named each layer (section) in the Navigator to allow you easily pinpoint and pick out every element on the page.

Publish the page once you are done replacing the content. You can use the same steps for other pages like about page, contact page, client and so on.

# Header

  • Go to Templates -> Theme Builder.
  • On the Theme Builder page, select the Header tab and click the Add New button to create a new header.
  • Give your template a name and click the CREATE TEMPLATE button.
  • On the Template Library, select the Digital Agency header. It lies on the top-left corner. If you are not sure, you can type “Digital Agency” on the search box. Click the INSERT button to load this template on the canvas.

Change the default content once the template is loaded to the canvas. Ideally, you create the header after you have done with the about page, contact page, team page and other pages on your website. Also, you ideally create the header after you have done creating the menu (Appearances -> Menus) since this header template uses the Nav Menu element to load your site’s menu.

  • Once you are done tailoring the content and settings, click the PUBLISH button.
  • Set the condition by clicking the ADD CONDITION button. If you want to apply the header for the entire website, leave it default and click the SAVE & CLOSE button. If you want to apply the header for certain pages only, select the pages you want before clicking the SAVE & CLOSE button. You can add multiple conditions.

You can use the same steps (steps to create the header) for the footer, single post layout, and archive layout.

Final words

Template Kit is a new feature offered by Elementor. It’s basically a set of templates with the same design concept. A Template Kit is designed specifically for a certain website type. For instance, the first release of Template Kit — Digital Agency — is designed for digital agency websites. This new feature is especially great if you are a web developer who often creates new websites for clients. As Elementor promises to release a new Template Kit every single month, you can expect that it will release a Template Kit that fits your clients’ site someday.

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