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How to Add Find and Replace Button in WordPress Editor

WordPress — the most widely — used content management system platform — comes with a number of features to enable us work easily. One of the most useful WordPress’s feature is its WYSIWYG editor.

With the massive growth of smartphone and tablet, you can now work from anywhere with WordPress. With a WordPress app installed on your mobile device, its’s not required anymore to sit in front of PC. You can write a WordPress article while have a lunch or wile waiting for a train in the train station.

Writing an article with a mobile device is great, but it can lead to some typographical errors. So, it’s better to keep your article as a draft instead of publish it immediately. You can publish your article once you on a wider screen device with a real keyword to correct any typographical errors. To ease your task correcting the typographical errors you can use a find and replace button. Unfortunately, the default WYSIWYG WordPress editor doesn’t offer the useful feature.

Don’t worry, you can install a light plugin called TinyMCE Advanced. The plugin will enrich the default WYSIWYG WordPress editor to make it more crispy. Here’s how to add install it.

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard and head to Plugin –> Add new. Type “TinyMCE Advanced” on the search field and click the Install Now button. Active the plugin immediately once it’s installed.

TinyMCE Advanced

  • Go to Settings –> TinyMCE Advanced to add the Find and replace button. You can do it by dragging the Find and replace button icon to the editor menu. Click Save Changes button once you done.


  • Now please go to the WordPress editor by creating a new post or page. You should see a new binoculars icon. Just click the button to perform a find and replace. Or you can simply press the ctrl+f button



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  1. Current version does not have the button you can drag to the menu. I guess it is available by default in the Visual editor by simply press CTRL-F. However, I need it in the Text Editor. How do you search and replace in the TinyMCE Text Editor?


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