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9 Best Free Elementor Add-ons

Do you install Elementor on your WordPress site? If yes, you might want to enrich your widget library. Although the default widgets offered by Elementor are plenty enough (over 90 widgets with Elementor Pro), they might don’t meet all of your needs. For instance, Elementor has no default widget to display your Instagram feed. Or, if you want to integrate plugins like BetterDocs or LearnDash, Elementor has no default widgets to do so.

In addition to adding new widgets to your Elementor, some add-ons also add extra features. For instance, Happy Addons has a Live Copy feature that allows you to copy the demo style from the Happy Addons website to the page or template you are working on. Another example, Essential Addons has a feature to password-protect a page.

If you are looking for a free Elementor add-on, here are 8 of the best add-ons you can try.

1. Master Addons

Master Addons comes with 60+ awesome elements and extensions. It has different types of widgets that will help you to design any type of landing page. You can download the free version from the WordPress plugin repo page for Master Addons plugin. Using Master Addons template library you can easily import your desired pages or specific sections inside any page. Let’s take a look at some following free elements and extensions.

Animated HeadlinesCreative ButtonsDynamic Table
Dual HeadingChangelogNav Menu
Advanced AccordionCreative LinksSearch Element
TabsImage Hover EffectsBlockquote
ProgressbarBlogCounter Up
ProgressbarsBusiness HoursCountdown Timer
TooltipsTable of ContentsMailchimp
Flip BoxImage GalleryGradient Headlines
Info BoxPricing TableAdvanced Image
Team MembersTimelineParticles Background
Team Members SliderImage ComparisonBackground Slider
Call to ActionCurrent TimeCustom CSS

With the help of Header, Footer, Comment builder – you can design any type of header & footer area. Also, Master Addons brought a comment from builder by elementor. There are all other important elements available like Image Hover Effects, Image Gallery, Pricing Table, Timeline, Blog, Contact Form, etc.

2. Happy Addons

Happy Addons is an add-on developed by weDevs, the developer of Dokan and User Frontend plugins. Happy Addons is released as a freemium add-on. You can download the free version of this add-on on the official plugin directory of WordPress. At the time of writing (April 15, 2020), the free version of Happy Addons comes with 32 widgets, including two widgets to display articles on your website. Here are the widgets offered by the free version of Happy Addons:

CardNinja FormsFlip Box
Gradient HeadingWPFormsPricing Table
Info BoxDual ButtonImage Grid
Icon BoxTestimonialGravity Forms
Image CompareJustified GridNews Ticker
Team MemberNumberTwitter Feed
ReviewLogo GridBar Chart
Skill BarsCarouselSocial Icons
Contact Form 7SliderPost Tab
Caldera FormsStep FlowPost List

In addition to the widgets on the table above, Happy Addons also comes with several extra features such as floating effect, CSS Transform, and widget background overlay. A special enough feature offered by this add-on is the icon set. Happy Addons comes with over 500 line icons to enrich your icon library. If you use the pro version of Happy Addons, you will get some features to streamline your workflow, including Live Copy, cross-domain copy-paste, and preset.

3. Essential Addons

Essential Addons is one of the most popular Elementor add-ons. It is also released as a freemium add-on with the free version is available on the official plugin directory of WordPress. The free version of Essential Addons comes with 38 widgets, including widgets to integrate BetterDocs in case you use this plugin. If you use WooCommerce, the free version of Essential Addons also comes with a widget to display your WooCommerce products in a grid style. There are also widgets to display articles on your website. Here are the widgets offered by the free version of Essential Addons.

Post GridweFormsAdvanced Accordion
Post TimelineInfo BoxProgress Bar
Fancy TextFlip BoxFeature List
Creative ButtonsDual Color HeadlineFluentForm
CountdownCall to ActionFacebook Feed
Team MembersPricing TableSticky Video
TestimonialsTwitter FeedBetterDocs Category Grid
WooCommerce Product GridData TableBetterDocs Search Form
Contact Form 7Filterable GalleryAdvanced Data Table
Gravity FormsImage AccordionEvent Calendar
Ninja FormsContent TickerFormstack
Caldera FormsTooltip
WPFormsAdvanced Tabs

If you use the pro version, you will get 29 extra widgets.

In addition to the widgets above, Essential Addons also offers some extra features. The extra features available on the free version are Parallax Scrolling, Particle Effect, Advanced Tooltip, and Content Protection. Essential Addons is a perfect add-on if your business has a physical location (such as a coffee shop, boutique, zoo, and so on). It has a widget that allows you to create an advanced map.

4. Premium Addons

Despite its name, Premium Addons is released as a freemium add-on, meaning that there is a free version available. The free version of Premium Addons is also available on the official plugin directory of WordPress. It comes with 22 widgets. There are widgets to display the articles on your website, create an advanced map, and some widgets to create creative elements like Dual Heading and Vertical Scroll.

CarouselVertical ScrollPricing Table
BlogModal BoxContact Form 7
Google MapsTestimonialsFancy Text
Team MembersBannerHeading
Image GridButtonDual Heading
Image ScrollImage ButtonVideo Box
Image SeparatorProgress BarCounter

Premium Addons offers premade templates to streamline your workflow. Templates are available in both the free version and pro version. You will see a new button on the canvas area of Elementor once Premium Addons is installed and activated. You can use the button to load the Premium Addons templates.

5. JetWidgets

JetWidgets is a free Elementor add-on from Crocoblock. It comes with only 12 widgets but they are very essentials. Here are the widgets:

Advanced CarouselPricing Table
Animated BoxServices
Image ComparisonTeam Member
Images LayoutTestimonials
PostsContact Form 7

The widgets offered by JetWidgets can be an alternative to Elementor Pro’s widgets in case you use Elementor Free. You can use the Subscribe widget to create a better-looking email subscription form and integrate it with Mailchimp or use the Contact Form 7 widget to create a better-looking contact form. If you love the widgets offered by JetWidgets, you can install JetElements which offers more widgets.

6. JetWoo Widgets

JetWoo Widgets is a great free add-on if you use WooCommerce and still have no conviction to use the pro version of Elementor. JetWoo Widgets — which is developed by the same developer as JetWidgets — comes with two widgets that you can use to display your WooCommerce products in a listing style and grid style. It also has a widget to display WooCommerce product categories in a grid style. JetWoo Widgets is the free version of JetWooBuilder.

7. OneElements

At the time of writing (April 15, 2020), OneElements is available for free. No pro version is offered by the developer. You can download it from the official plugin directory of WordPress. Functionally, the widgets offered by OneElements are rich enough. It has widgets to display articles on your website as well as widgets to add creative elements to your page. When you visit the official website of OneElements, you will find some under development widgets. Here are the widgets offered by OneElements.

Advanced IconAdvanced EditorLogo Grid
Featured Icon BoxFeatured CounterPowerful Info Box
Gradient DidiverPretty Star RatingsBrand Carousel
Ultimate ButtonThe Social IconsTeam Carousel
Advanced HeadingModern Posts GridTestimonial Grid
Gradient ButtonPosts CarouselTestimonial Carousel
Multiple HeadingPosts Load MoreModern Icon List
Gradient HeadingModern AccordionSingle Testimonial
Image with OverylayMinimal FAQ’sSingle Team
Team Members

8. Element Pack Lite

Element Pack is a freemium Elementor add-on developed by BdThemes. If you use Tutor LMS plugin on your WordPress site then Element Pack Lite is a perfect add-on. It has two widgets that allow you to display the courses you created with the LMS plugin in a grid style and carousel style. These two widgets are available in the free version of Element Pack (Element Pack Lite), which you can download on the official plugin directory of WordPress. Here are the Elementor widgets offered by Element Pack Lite.

Business HoursCountdownTutor LMS Course Grid
Custom GalleryCookie ConsentTutor LMS Course Carousel
Flip BoxImage CompareTwitter Grid
Panel SliderImage MagnifierAccordion
LightboxMemberContact Form 7
Simple Contact FormProgress PieWeForms
SliderScroll ButtonFluent Forms
ToggleTrailer BoxNinja Forms
Call OutLogo Grid

The pro version of Element Pack offers a lot more widgets. No half-hearted, you will get 120 extra widgets with the pro version of Element Pack, including a widget to password-protect a content, several widgets for WooCommerce, widgets to integrate Easy Digital Download plugin, and so on.

9. Livemesh Addons

Livemesh Addons is another Elementor add-on that you can use for free. Livemesh Addons itself is a freemium add-on with the free version is available on the official plugin directory of WordPress. The free version of Livemesh Addons comes with the following Elementor widgets.

Portfolio GridTestimonials Slider
Blog Posts GridPost Carousel
Team ProfilesGeneric Carousel
Odometers/CountersClients List
Bar ChartsPricing Plans
Animated Pie Charts

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