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6 Best Free Notification Bar WordPress Plugins

Displaying a notification bar is a handy way to drive your website visitors to a specific page on your website. Be it a landing page, a new product page, and so on. If your website is built with WordPress, there are several plugins you can use to effortlessly display a notification bar.

If you have a WordPress site powered by Elementor, you can actually display a notification bar without installing an additional plugin. The pro version of Elementor comes with a Theme Builder feature. With this feature, you can create a custom header for your website. You can add a notification bar while creating the custom header and make it sticky if you want.

If you don’t use Elementor, the following is the list of notification bar plugins you can install on your WordPress site. All of the plugins below are free and we only choose plugins that are still in active development (at the time of writing).

1. Easy Notification Bar

If you visited the plugin directory of WordPress two or three months ago and typed “notification bar” on the search box, you wouldn’t see this plugin on the search results. The reason is that this plugin is still relatively new. At the time of writing (July 31, 2019), this plugin has fewer than 10 installations. Easy Notification Bar itself is a plugin developed by the WPExplorer team. This plugin is pretty lightweight and easy to use. It works seamlessly on nearly all WordPress themes. Easy Notification Bar is a great plugin to drive your visitors to a specific page on your website via notification bar. You can add custom text to your bar. If you want, you can also add a button.

2. Hello Bar

Hello Bar is one of the most recommended items if you are looking for a notification bar plugin to increase leads or email subscribers. Hello Bar allows you to display an email subscription form on the top bar of your website and make it sticky.

Of course, you can also display a simple notification bar like the one you can create with Easy Notification Bar. Be it with a button or without a button. At the time of writing, Hello Bar has about 10,000 active installations. While Hello Bar is great to increase your marketing campaign, you need to create a Hello Bar account in order to use it. Settings and configurations are performed on the third-party website instead of your WordPress dashboard. Another minor thing, this plugin is not fully free. Your notification bar will contain a Hello Bar branding if you use the free version. There are several other restrictions you have to deal with if you use the free version.

3. Top Bar

If you want to display a simple notification bar to welcome your visitors or to drive your visitor to a certain page, Top Bar is a great option. You don’t need to create an account on a third-party website to use this plugin. Everything is performed via your WordPress dashboard. Top Bar also allows you to add a button to the notification bar and you are allowed to change the default color. Top Bar is developed by WP Darko. The developer also offers the paid version of Top Bar with some additional features, including:

  • Delay
  • Bottom positioning
  • Option to make it visible only for guests/registered users
  • Allow visitors to close/open the bar
  • Option to change the font-size

4. WP Notification Bars

WP Notification Bars is pretty similar to Top Bar and Easy Notification Bar is which you can create a notification bar for free without creating an account on a third-party website. You can also add a button on your bar if you want. What makes WP Notification Bars different from both Tor Bar and Easy Notification Bar is that it has more setting options. It has a Style menu to allow you to customize the look of your bar as well as the button. Also, this plugin allows you to set display conditions. For instance, you can disable the notification bar for visitors coming from Facebook or Google.

5. WPFront Notification Bar

WPFront Notification Bar is a free, feature-rich notification bar plugin for WordPress. This plugin has over 30,000 installations. It takes you a while to realize that WPFront Notification Bar is a great notification bar plugin since its settings menu is not as fancy as WP Notification Bars’. But indeed, WPFront Notification Bar comes with lots of features. You can, for instance, disable the bar for logged in users. This plugin also allows you to customize the look of your bar by changing the default bar color, text color, and the button color.

6. Apex Notification Bar Lite

Apex Notification Bar Line is a freemium notification plugin developed by AccessPress Themes. The free version of this plugin comes with plenty enough features. Allowing you to display a welcome message on the notification bar and display the email subscription form. The settings are performed via the WordPress dashboard. You don’t need to create an account on a third-party website like Hello Bar.


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