How to Quickly Search for Free Royalty Free Images for Your WordPress Blog

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How to Quickly Search for Free Royalty Free Images for Your WordPress Blog

It sounds very trivial. But seriously, looking for images for a blog post has never been as easy as it sounds. You could spend your minutes for just an image.

Normally, people will Googling for the images they want to add to their blog post, thanks to Google Image for this. However, if you continuously using the same method you could lose your valuable time for just an image as looking for a proper image for a blog post is never that easy. Any other idea?. Sure.

There are several services in the internet jungle that provide free royalty free images. You can download the images from this kind of service and add them on your blog post. Pixabay is one of the best resource in this term.

More interestingly, the free stock images service also provides an exclusive tool for WordPress bloggers to ease them finding the images they want and insert them immediately to a blog post. The tool is available as a WordPress plugin called Pixabay Images.

Having Pixabay Images plugin installed on your WordPress blog you can save your time on images as you are no longer need to Googling for images. But, wait. How many images available in Pixabay?. Too many. Pixabay has over 890,000 free stock images. All are free to download and use. And, you will love it, you are not required to mention the attribute of each image you use.

So, here’s how to install and use Pixabay Images in WordPress.

Install Pixabay Images plugin in WordPress

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins –> Add New.
  • Search for Pixabay Images on the search bar and click the Install Now button. Activate the plugin immediately once it’s installed.

  • Create a new post and you should see a new Pixabay button right next to the Add Media button.

  • You can either click on the Pixabay button or Add Media button to insert images from Pixabay. Type a keyword of the images you are looking for.

  • Hover your mouse over the image that impress you and you should see three sizing option of each image. Just click on the size you want to add and Pixabay will upload the image to your WordPress hosting. If you just clicking on the image without choosing the sizing option your image will sized 640 px.

  • After the upload, the standard WordPress media dialogue opens, in which you may modify details according to your liking. Just click the Insert into Post button once done with the settings.


To make your searching process of images become quicker you can narrow the search result to just photos from Pixabay Images global settings. For your information, Pixabay not only provides images but also vectors, cliparts and even videos. Loading all the contents could lead to a longer loading process. You can also set the number of images to be displayed per page.

  • Go to Settings –> Pixabay Images. Select Photos on Image Types section and click the Save Changes button.

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