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4 Free Helpdesk Plugins for WordPress

A helpdesk plugin can be a great solution if you run an online business with WordPress. You can use it to better handle the communication with your clients. We have compiled a list of helpdesk plugins for WordPress in case you are in the search for the best one.

By using a helpdesk plugin, you can offer several options of how your clients can reach you out. From starting a new ticket to starting a new chat on the live chat feature. If you have ever noticed, these two methods are the most common methods adopted by SaaS businesses and other online businesses at large to handle communication with clients.

In the context of online business, the communication with clients can be pre-sale inquiries to post-sale service. Technical support in particular. If you are looking for a WordPress helpdesk plugin, ticket-based support system and live chat should be priority features you need to look at.

Here is the list of the best helpdesk plugins for WordPress.

1. Fluent Support

Fluent Support is helpdesk solution that allows you to run the entire customer support handling from your WordPress dashboard. This way, you don’t need to back and forth between your WordPress dashboard and another dashboard on a third-party service. While it sounds great, Fluent Support offers fewer features. It has no knowledge base feature. Also, there is no option to add a live chat feature to your website.

To allow your users to open a new ticket, you need to create the portal page first. After installing and activating the Fluent Support plugin, you will have a portal shortcode which you can add to your portal page. You can add the shortcode to a Gutenberg page or page builder pages. From Elementor, Divi, to Breakdance.

2. Awesome Support

If you are looking for a helpdesk system that you can run from your WordPress dashboard, Awesome Support is another option worth trying. It is pretty similar to Fluent Support above whereby it allows you to run the entire costumer handling from WordPress dashboard. No need to setup an account or integration to start using the plugin. After installing and activating the plugin, you will have a new My Tickets page on your website. Your users can submit a new ticket via this page. Of course, only registered users can submit a ticket. Users can attach supporting material like image and PDF file when opening a new ticket. The attachment will be automatically deleted once the the ticket is closed. Great to save storage.

3. SupportCandy

SupportCandy is a popular helpdesk plugin for WordPress, with over 10K installs according to WordPress.org. With the plugin, you can run the entire customer support handling via your WordPress dashboard. Before you launch the customer support feature, you can add users dedicated to handling the job. The plugin adds a new role — called Agent — on your WordPress system to handle customer support. You can set permissions when adding a new Agent. Also, you can set working hours.

Same as other plugins above, SupportCandy also comes with a portal page whereby your users can submit a new ticket. They can also upload a file to the ticket with the maximum capacity of 20MB. Some common file types they can upload are PDF, PNG, DOC, JPG, and so on. SupportCandy allows you to set an action after a user submit a new tickket. Whether to show the success message, redirect to another page, or open the ticket. Furthermore, SupportCandy allows you to change the color schemes on its parts to make them match the color scheme of your website, which is great for branding.

4. KB Support

If you are looking for a helpdesk plugin that allows you to create documentation as well, KB Support could be the answer. In addition to allowing you to handle customer care via its ticket-based system, the plugin also allows you to create knowledge base/documentation page. When adding a new documentaion, you can add assign it to a category and tag, just like regular blog posts on your website. If you want it, you can set only logged users who can access the documentation.

KB Support offers two built-in shortcodes which you can add to your pages. The first one is for the submission page, a page where your users can submit their ticket. The second one is for the tickets page, the page where you can view and reply to users tickets. The core of KB Support itself is avaible for free. Add-ons are available to extend its functionality.

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