How to Set the Site Logo of Your WordPress Site If You Use Elementor

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How to Set the Site Logo of Your WordPress Site If You Use Elementor

Logo is the main identity of a website. Usually, it lies on the left side of the header although there is no exact rule regarding the placement. In WordPress, you can set the logo of your website via theme customizer which you can access by going to Appearance -> Customize on your dashboard. But if you use Elementor, you better set the site logo from Site Settings.

Site Settings is an Elementor feature introduced in version 3.0 which was released August 2022. The use of this feature is pretty similar to the native theme customizer of WordPress whereby you can set things like site logo, site icon, global typography, buttons, and so on. When you set your site logo or other site elements via Site Settings of Elementor, you won’t lose them when you switch to another theme — which will happen if you set them via theme customizer.

How to Set Site Logo via Elementor Site Settings

In case you are new to Elementor, you can refer to the page on WP Pagebuilders to learn how to use Elementor.

Site Settings can be accessed from the settings panel of Elementor inside the Elementor editor. So, simply edit a page or template to enter the Elementor editor. Once you are there, click the hamburger icon on the top-left corner and select Site Settings.

Once the Site Settings panel opens, click the Site Identity menu on the SETTINGS block.

Click the plus icon on the Site Logo field to select the image file of your logo. Once done, you can click the UPDATE button to apply the change.

As you can see, you can also set the site icon, site name, and site description from this panel. Simply set what you want to set.

The Bottom Line

Although Elementor works with any WordPress theme, you sometimes want to change your current to find the perfect combination. If you use the native theme customizer of WordPress to set your site logo and other site elements, you will lose them every time you switch to another theme. To fix the issue, you can use the Site Settings instead. Everything you have set via Site Settings won’t lose no matter how many times you change your WordPress theme, as long as Elementor remains active on your site.

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