Flickr is one the best websites in terms of photography. Nearly all photographers and those who have interest in photography know this site. Flickr is not just a great site to showcase your photographs but also a nice place to learn more about photography.

Flickr is not a free stock photos website. However, you can download some photos from Flickr if the photos are released under the Creative Commons license. If the photos are released under the Creative Commons license it means that you can download them for any purpose (depend on what version of Creative Common the photographers use. Read here for more details).

If you are a WordPress blogger and want to use some Creative Common licensed photos from Flickr on your blog post, you are also allowed to do that with some restrictions.

What if you want to use the “all rights reserved” photos from Flickr on your WordPress blog post?. You can do it too. But, only for regular photo inside the article, not featured image. Why? Because you are prohibited to download any “all rights reserved” photos from Flickr. You can insert the photos with “all rights reserved” license using embed method so you don’t have to download the photos to break the rule.

Here’s how to embed Flickr photos on WordPress.

Insert Flickr Photo Into A WordPress Post

  • Select a photo you want to embed and click the share button.

  • Click on the Embed tab and select the image size. You can also choose whether want to display the header/footer or note. Once done selecting the options, copy the available code.

  • Paste the code to WordPress editor in the Text mode and publish your article once you done writing it.

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