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How to Install WordPress via cPanel

There are several ways to install WordPress. If you use a web hosting service that features cPanel, you can install WordPress via cPanel. It is the easiest way to install WordPress since you don’t need to make manual configurations like when you install WordPress manually via FTP.

Most web hosting providers use cPanel since it comes with Softaculous, an apps installer that allows you to effortlessly install a wide range of web-based apps, including WordPress. Installing WordPress using Softtaculous, you don’t need to manually create the database, but you can change it later in case you want to improve the security of your website.

To start installing WordPress via cPanel, login to cPanel via the client area of your web hosting service (or whatever they call it). On the cPanel dashboard, scroll down to the SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER section and click the WordPress icon.

Softaculous offers two installation types: Quick Install and Custom Install. If you choose Custom Install, you can specify your site title and description. The same options are not available if you choose Quick Install. But, you can specify both the site title and site description later via the WordPress dashboard. Select your installation type. On the Software Setup section, select the WordPress version via the dropdown menu, as well as the URL (with or without www). On the Admin Account section specify the username of your WordPress admin user as well as the password. For a stronger security level, we suggest you to not use a predictable username and password such as “admin”, “root”, “administrator” or a similar username and password. Also set the admin email. You will need this email to recover your login password in case you forgot it.

If you want to install WordPress on the root directory, delete “wp” on the directory field. If you don’t delete it, your WordPress will be installed under the “wp” directory so that you need to type “” to access your website.

Until here, you can start installing WordPress by clicking the Install button on the bottom side of the screen. But, for a securer installation, you can change the default database and table prefix. To do so, click Advanced Settings.

Before clicking the Install button, you can also select a theme on the Select Theme section. Wait a moment until Softaculous is done installing your WordPress. Once finished, you can access your WordPress dashboard by going to

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