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My Intranet: a WordPress HRIS Plugin

Did you know that 40% of the websites are powered by WordPress? This CMS has been vastly adopted to become by far the most frequently used over the web. The good thing is that its use is not limited to creating portals or e-commerce websites. It is also a strong foundation for more complex web applications. My Intranet is a WordPress Human Resources Information System. Available as a SaaS application, it allows companies to digitalize a lot of HR processes smoothly.

Leave Management System

All HRIS include a leave management module. My Intranet sticks to that rule by offering a fully functional leave management platform that allows employee to request paid leave. Then managers will approve those. Consolidated leave reports are available to ease the payroll preparation.

Managing leave requests in a large organization can be time-consuming and complex. Without a leave management software, employees will fill out a paper form that will eventually get lost before it reaches the HR department. By digitalizing this process, all data are stored in a persistent database and thus nothing can get lost.

Employees will have access to a lot of useful details in real time:

  • Global team planning;
  • Leave entitlement rights.

This leave management plugin for WordPress also allows us to track overtime and attendance. All data is visible to the manager to ease team planning.

Expense Report Management

Your staff is regularly travelling to visit customers or suppliers? They need to report their expenses to get reimbursed by the accounting department. This can be achieved with paper forms but again, you will lose some of them.

My Intranet includes an expense report module where your team will be able to track all expenses. This really reduces the time spent by employees on administrative tasks, thus allowing them to spend more time on their core work.

Time Tracking

Your employees are working on projects for customers, and you need to invoice the time spent? The time tracking module of My Intranet plugin is an easy way to log all the time spent by employees on a daily basis. You can track whatever you need to track: activities, tasks, projects, etc …

Data logged by employees are going through a validation workflow and then consolidated into actionable reports. Accounting department can then invoice customers based on time spent and hourly rate set for each employee.

Order Management

My Intranet also includes the features of an order management plugin. You have then certainly a header about purchase to pay solutions. Those business software are used to track the orders from the ordering to the payment.

Employees will submit purchase orders. Those go through a validation workflow and are then sent out to the supplier via email. After that, you can track delivery and payment. Again, a feature rich module that will ease the work of your organization.

Corporate Directory

Tired of losing time to find your colleague phone number? This will become an old issue thanks to the corporate directory module available in My Intranet plugin. You now have the power a full directory to find all employees details within a click.

WordPress Intranet in SaaS Mode

My Intranet brings in the best of both worlds: WordPress and Intranet by offering its solution as a SaaS service. That way, companies don’t have to worry about all the technical stuff. Everything technical from installation to maintenance is handled by the editor. This allows SMB to take advantage of a powerful intranet solution within a short period of time.

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