5 Easy Steps to Add Pay with a Tweet in WordPress

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5 Easy Steps to Add Pay with a Tweet in WordPress

Twitter, as one of the biggest social media site, plays a vital role in driving visitors to the websites. There are many methods used by WordPress-based site owners to get some advantages from Twitter to get more traffics to their site.

You may ever seen a specific website that offers you a free stuff to download (like e-book, for instance) with a tweet-required. It means that you have to tweet before you can download the free stuff offered by the site. The method is basically fair enough for both of you. You get something for free while the site owner get more traffics from your tweet.

This method has been widely adapted by many website owners. The question is, how to apply this method?

If you are a WordPress blogger, you can do it easily using a plug-in called Pay With A Tweet. Here are 5 easy steps to install the plugin

1. Install the plugin

First and foremost, login to your WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins –> Ad New. Search for “Pay With a Tweet” and click the install button. Activate the plugin immediately once it’s installed


2. Create a Twitter app

Before stepping further with Pay with a Tweet you have to create a Twitter app to get Twitter consumer key and Twitter consumer secret.


  • Fill all the required fields and check the “Developer Agreement”. Click the Create your Twitter application button once you done


  • If you get no error you will be brought to the Application Management page. Head to Keys and Access Token to get your Twitter consumer key and Twitter consumer secret


3. Configure the Pay with a Tweet

Before can use the plugin you have to configure it first. Go to Pay with a Tweet –> Configuration. Fill all the required field and click Save Changes button once you done


4. Upload your file and create your payment button

Once you done with the step 3 above, now it’s time to create your payment button.

  • Go to Pay with a Tweet –> Upload files. Choose your desired file
  • Go to Pay with a Tweet –> New payment button. Give a tittle for your payment button and write a message. And of course don’t forget to choose a file that you want to offer. Press the Create payment button


5. Add your button to a post/page

Once you done with the step 4, it’s time to add your payment button to a specific post/page

  • Go to Pay with a Tweet –> Manage your buttons. In this page you will see several buttons that contain a shortcode.


  • Copy the shortcode of the button that you want to display and paste it to your new post/page in the text mode. Publish your post/page. Congratulation! You have done


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