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How to Protect A WordPress Page with Password

Once you published a certain WordPress page, it means that the page is a public consumption. Everyone in this planet that has an internet connection will be able to read it. Sometimes, you don’t want that thing to happen. Instead of everyone, you only wish certain parties to able to view the content of the page you published. Like close friends, team-mates, community members and so on.

By default, when you click the Publish button on the WordPress editor, your page will be accessible by everyone on the internet. However, if you wish only certain parties to able to read it, you can protect the associated page with a password. This way, only those you share the password with will be able to read the content on the page.

It takes no plugin to protect a page with a password in WordPress. WordPress has a built-in feature to allow you doing so. You just probably didn’t realize it yet.

On the right panel of the WordPress editor, there is an option called Visibility. By default, the option is set to “Public”, meaning that once you clicked the Publish button, your page will be available for public.

If you want to protect a page with a password, simply click the Edit link on the Visibility option. On the appearing options, select Password protected and enter your desired password and click the OK button.

By now, every time you click the Publish button, your article is still available for public. But, only those you have shared the password with will able to read it.


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