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10 of The Best Push Notification WordPress Plugins

Retaining old visitors is not an easy job. It is even harder than gaining new visitors. Your old visitors won’t return to your website if they don’t need something from your website. But, you can encourage them to get back by letting them know that you have something new to offer.

A push notification WordPress plugin allows you to notify your old visitors if you have something new to offer, even if it is just a piece of a new article. Push notification is a worth-considering marketing tool since it doesn’t require complex treatment like email marketing or SEO. You just need to create good content so that your new visitors will have a reason to be your loyal visitors.

Push notification also doesn’t require complex technical settings. A push notification plugin will ask your new visitors to accept the subscription request. Once they do, the plugin will send push notifications to their browser/device until they block it.

The following are 10 of the best push notification plugins for WordPress.

1. SendPulse

SendPulse might is better known as one of the MailChimp alternatives. SendPulse offers more things than you might know. This marketing tool also offers a push notification in case you want to install one on your website. If you use WordPress, you can effortlessly install the push notification service offered by SendPulse via a plugin. The push notification of SendPulse works on the web (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and so on) and mobile devices.

You can use the push notification of SendPulse for free without any subscriber restrictions. There are also no notification restrictions as well. However, your push notification will contain a SendPulse watermark until you upgrade to premium. SendPulse allows you to show the subscription request time, whether right after a visitor opens your website or after they spend some time on your site.

2. OneSignal

Same as SendPulse, OneSignal is also capable of delivering push notifications on both web and mobile devices. The web push notification of OneSignal works on popular web browsers like Chrome, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. OneSignal can also be used for free, but there are some additional features you will get if you upgrade to premium. The free version of OneSignal is limited to 30K subscribers, while the pro version allows you to collect as many subscribers as you want. OneSignal also provides a WordPress plugin to allow you effortlessly install a push notification on your WordPress site.

OneSignal allows you to personalize the notification. It also offers real-time reporting to allow you to monitor how the notification is going.

3. Smart Notifications

Smart Notifications a premium push notification plugin. You can get this plugin on CodeCanyon with a price of $39 for a single license. This plugin allows you to integrate a wide range of marketing channels in which you can sync a newsletter, push notifications and Facebook Messenger alert. Smart Notification is great for a marketing purpose as it also offers a reporting feature as you can see on the screenshot above. The push notification of Smart Notifications also works on the web as well as mobile devices.

4. Fire Push

Fire Push is also a premium push notification plugin that you can buy via CodeCanyon. This plugin is cheaper than Smart Notifications above, but its features are also fewer. For instance, this plugin doesn’t have the capability of delivering push notifications for mobile devices (at the time of writing). Fire Push is the plugin you need if you want to notify your old visitors over newly published articles on your website. Fire Push allows you to customize the look of the subscription request. You can also set a welcome message if you think you need one.

5. PushAssist

PushAssist is also a great push notification plugin for a marketing purpose. You can integrate this plugin with Google Analytics by adding UTM parameters for further analysis. PushAssists itself is a freemium plugin push notification. The free version is restricted to 3,000 subscriptions. You won’t also be able remove the PushAssit watermark.

According to a brief stat on its website, PushAssits is used by over 10,000 websites, with about 29,158,178,040 notifications sent. The push notifications sent by PushAssist work on popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. PushAssists allows you to send scheduled push notifications for better time delivery.

6. Push Notifications for WordPress by Delite Studio

Push Notifications for WordPress by Delite Studio is also a great push notification plugin for a marketing purpose. It comes with an analytics feature to allow you get to know how many notifications you have sent and how the notifications were read. Also, you can learn how many users into loyal readers, and so on. You can use this plugin for free. Pro version is also available in case you need to unlock more features. You can use this plugin to deliver push notifications whether on the web or mobile devices.

7. Beamer

Beamer is another great push notification if you have a WordPress site that sells something. This push notification plugin comes with a user segmentation feature, allowing you to target specific groups of users by behavior, location, and demographics. You can install Beamer on any website via HTML code. In WordPress, you can install Beamer effortlessly via the plugin. Beamer itself is released as a freemium plugin. The free version contains a watermark. According to a brief stat on the Beamer website, there are over 5,000 companies that use Beamer.

8. Subscribers

Subscribers is a push notification plugin that you can use to optimize your marketing campaign. This plugin allows you to schedule the push notifications delivery to make it get delivered at the proper time. You can set the delivery by timezone. The push notifications of this plugin work on popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari, and so on. Be it on desktop or mobile. Subscribers itself is a freemium plugin with the free version limited to only 200 subscribers.

9. LetsPush

You can give a LetsPush try if you want to let your loyal visitors instantly know the new articles published on your website. Or, if you have a WooCommerce-based online store, you can also notify users when a new product is added or a product price drops. LetPush itself is a premium push notification plugin that you can buy via CodeCanyon.

10. iZooto

iZooto is another worth-trying plugin if you are struggling to gain website traffic by letting know your old visitors over new content. You can install the iZooto plugin on your WordPress site and you can start to create the push notifications from your WordPress dashboard. iZooto supports integrations via Zapier. You can, for instance, create an aumated notification or schedule the delivery of the notification. iZooto is a freemium plugin.

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