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How to Restore the Old WordPress Editor

Since version 5.0, WordPress uses Gutenberg as the default editor. Gutenberg is the name of WordPress new editor that replaces the old editor you have been using by far. Before available as the default editor in WordPress 5.0 and the higher versions, the WordPress developer team has made Gutenberg available as a plugin to let users give it a try. At a glance, the interface of Gutenberg is similar to Medium editor.

While Gutenberg might looks more modern, not all WordPress users are really impressed with it. There are some issues regarding this new editor. First, users have to relearn on how to use it since the interface is totally different to the old editor. There is no handy toolbar which you are used to seeing on the old WordPress editor. You will also see no word counter which you can find on the bottom-left on the old editor (for some WordPress users, this feature is very helpful).

Second, there are some issues regarding the plugin compatibility. Not all plugins are compatible with Gutenberg. Especially plugins that implement shortcodes likeĀ Symple Shortcodes and certain plugins likeĀ Enlighter.

How to get the old WordPress editor back

Although already has a new editor (Gutenberg), WordPress also facilitates the users who prefer to use the old editor. WordPress created a team to develop a plugin called Classic Editor. This plugin restores the old WordPress editor by disabling Gutenberg. According to a description on its official page, this plugin will be fully supported at least until 2022.

To install the Classic Editor plugin, simply go to Plugins -> Add New on your WordPress dashboard.

Search for “Classic Editor” on the available search box and hit enter. Once found it, click the Install Now button.

Activate the plugin immediately once it is installed and you should see the old WordPress editor back. That’s it. No further step is required.

Final thought

Despite its modern interface, not all WordPress user are impressed with Gutenberg. Mainly is because they already comfort with the old editor and familiar with it. Another reason probably is because a plugin compatibility as I have mentioned above. Gutenberg itself doesn’t make any change to the existing pages you have on WordPress. All of your posts and pages will remain the same. So, no worries if you want to update your WordPress.

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  1. oh, thank goodness. WHY do they have to keep messing with stuff and taking away our choices? There was nothing wrong with the original. Geez I hate WordPress a little more every time I use it now… not just because of the editor…

  2. I find this information incredibly helpful but guess what? In order to use the Classic Editor, WP says I must upgrade to a Business Plan for $25 a month. Seriously? Isn’t there a way around this? I have used WP for years and am not happy about this change. Thank you!