How to Set Featured Image from URL in WordPress

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How to Set Featured Image from URL in WordPress

Not all WordPress bloggers have a spacious enough of hosting storage. That’s why some of them rely on image hosting services like Imgur and Postimage to put their images. Luckily, WordPress allows us to insert images to a blog post from URL.

However, the different story goes to featured image. At the time of writing, WordPress hasn’t allowed us to set a featured image from URL. So, we have to use an existing image from the media list we have uploaded to WordPress. But, there are thousands ways to get to Rome. You can utilize a plugin called¬†Featured Image From URL to assist you adding a featured image from URL.

The plugin creates a new item on the right sidebar of your WordPress dashboard. Right beneath the WordPress’s default Featured Image. All you need to do is pasting the URL of the image you want to set as featured image. No additional settings required, at all.

Install Featured Image From URL

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard and select Plugins –> Add New on the WordPress sidebar menu.

  • Type “Featured Image From URL” on the search column and hit enter. Once you get the plugin, press the Install Now button.

  • Activate the plugin immediately once it’s successfully installed. By now, you can set featured image from URL to save your limited hosting storage.

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