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11 Ultimate Elementor Addons to Enhance Your WordPress Site

Ever since its introduction in 2016, Elementor has completely taken over the WordPress industry. Its 10 million active users speak volume for itself. If you are not familiar with it, let me give you a brief on it.

Elementor is the WordPress Page Builder plugin which offers users a unique web designing experience. Anyone can just drag-and-drop creative elements and create an amazing website in just a few minutes. No coding knowledge is required anymore.

Elementor Free and Pro

It has the free version and premium – Elementor Pro. Elementor Pro is technically an add-on for the free Elementor plugin. That is, if you purchase Elementor Pro, you’ll have both the free Elementor plugin and the Elementor Pro plugin active on your site.

In addition, Elementor Page Builder provides ready-made templates for users to instantly apply on the website and get started. It gives you the freedom to personalize all the features with its styling capability. Therefore, you are able to show off your creativity and come up with your own unique ideas.

Thanks to Elementor, you don’t have to worry about hiring developers anymore as you can do it yourself without any prior programming experience or knowledge. There’s absolutely no reason to be disappointed by the Elementor page builder plugin. It’s fast, intuitive, and makes designing a web page just as easy for the novice WordPress user as it is for the seasoned web developer. In fact, of all the drag-and-drop visual page builders I’ve used, this is my favorite. And it should be yours, too, if you want to build your own WordPress site without coding and in no time at all.

Why You Might Want to Use Elementor Add-ons?

It’s never easy to satisfy everyone’s requirements to the fullest. So, despite Elementor offering 90+ Fantastic Elements, it is very possible that you may want something even more advanced & unique. This is exactly why third-party developers have decided to expand the Elementor functionalities and develop the ultimate addons for Elementor.

These add-ons give you the opportunity to strengthen your website design with its amazing features and layouts. Besides, you can create a special vibe by using the Elementor extensions. By the end of this article, you will no longer be in doubt about where to get started with the Elementor Extensions. Because ware going to discuss the ultimate addons for Elementor you need to have a look at to enhance your page building experience with ease.

This list contains best Elementor essential addons which you can use on your website and extend the builder’s capabilities. Every Elementor addon has its own unique features so let’s look at each add-on individually.

1. JetBlog

JetBlog is a clean and simple WordPress blog theme perfect for lifestyle bloggers. But to be honest, you can use it for everything. Bring your visitors closer with JetBlog’s features. Use these features in order to serve the best user experience.

All these modules can be added on the page built with Elementor, so make sure Elementor plugin is installed. Using JetBlog you can style up the content appearance to match the general webpage style, customize the modules backgrounds, layouts, responsiveness, add borders and apply shadows, change typography, and there are many other options to discover for each of the content modules.

JetBlog will assist you in content customization, changing content appearance according to your tastes and creating fully-fledged pages with posts, video layouts and text tickers. Become a pro at creating blog pages and blog content with JetBlog. You won’t have to learn coding in order to use it, as everything can be done using its intuitive interface.

Price: $19


  • Webdoone Simple Image Widget
  • Latest Posts Widget
  • Full Latest Posts Widget
  • Recent Comments Widget
  • Social Media Widget
  • Archives Widget
  • Instagram Widget
  • Popular Posts Widget
  • Infinity Scroll


  • Mobile Friendly, Responsive & Retina Ready Design
  • SEO & Speed optimized, Google AdSense support
  • Optimized For Google Mobile Friendly Check
  • Featured Boxes: Use them to show the most important sections or links
  • Popular and Related Posts: Use them to show what’s the best on your blog
  • Fully Integrated With “WordPress Customizer”
  • 9 Blog Layouts
  • 3 Post/Page Layouts: Classic View with Sidebar Right, Sidebar Left or Full Width
  • Post Formats: Standard, Gallery, Video, Audio
  • Built-in Custom Widgets

Pros and cons:

  • 24/7 support
  • reach functionality
  • It’s not free

2. JetElements

JetElements has a premium version of plugin which comes with 40+ fantastic elements. It gives you the flexibility to easily use all creative elements with customization options on your website.

You can design amazing blog and image layouts by using its high-quality Post & Gallery elements. Besides, JetElements offers a huge collection of pre-made templates. You can instantly use them on your sites to get a top-notch layout on your website.

Price: $24

Includes: JetElements add-on


  • WooCommerce Elements Integrated
  • WPML-Compatible
  • Contact Form 7 Handy
  • Multiple Home Page Templates
  • Pre-Styled Blocks at Hand

Pros and cons:

  • Good for free Elementor version
  • 24/ support
  • Includes only one addon
  • JetReviews

3. JetReviews

JetReviews lets you create high-quality, appealing review functionality and add it to any pages you like. With built-in content and style settings, JetReviews gives you endless options for your review blocks to make them look incredible and be user-friendly for your visitors.

You can use all kinds of ratings, including stars, percentages, and more, so you can deliver the means for your visitors to share their thoughts effectively.

JetReviews is a go-to tool when it comes to creating review blocks and rating bars. In addition, it comes with multiple styles, layouts, and, what’s more, tons of customizable creative elements for rating and review blocks.

Price: $22

Includes: JetReviews addon


  • Responsive to the boot
  • Multiple eye-catching styles of rates & rating bars
  • Compatible with WP Review
  • Immaculate typography
  • Elegant design
  • Easy-to-customize appearance
  • Immaculate typography
  • Myriads of Layouts
  • Bright color palette
  • Compatible with WP review
  • No coding skills

Pros and cons

  • 24/7 support
  • Reach functionality
  • It’s not free

4. Smart Slider 3

Smart Slider 3 has several cool features to help you build a nice Elementor slider. And, of course, it lets you create the slider the way you want it. Smart Slider 3 is a layer based slider plugin, which means you can add your content via layers. Layers in Smart Slider 3 are like Elementor’s widgets. There are many different layers, each have their own unique list of options. One layer helps you create a button, the other adds a YouTube video, another one’s good for adding long texts, etc.

The widget allows you to select the slider from a popup, where you can find a thumbnail of the slider and its name. So, you can select the slider in a totally visible way. If you’re worried about the responsive behavior, don’t be. Smart Slider 3 is a responsive WordPress slider, so your content will look perfect on all devices.

The Sample Sliders are great starting points for any website owner. They allow you to create beautiful sliders in minutes and learn Smart Slider 3 fast.

Price: $35


  • Smart Slider 3 addon
  • 180+ inspiring templates


  • Hundreds of pre-made slides
  • Lifetime updates
  • A huge collection of 180+ sliders
  • 16 awesome layers
  • Live preview
  • Device-specific settings
  • 5 slider types

Pros and cons

  • Professional support
  • Many famous online companies use it
  • The cheapest plan is for one site only

5. JetWooBuilder

JetWooBuilder is a must-have addon allowing to add fully-fledged WooCommerce pages built with Elementor WordPress plugin to use them as templates and create loads of attractive WooCommerce content with versatile WooCommerce widgets. This plugin is also a great asset when one needs specific WooCommerce dynamic widgets to add a purchasing button, product image or description.

JetWooBuilder is very simple in usage, allowing anyone from developers to beginners to create attractive and professionally-looking WooCommerce Single Product pages. Versatile customization options for different content widgets will make the WooCommerce pages really sparkle with beautiful colors, making them fully unique. JetWooBuilder plugin has powerful functionality allowing to create the Single Product page’s layout without coding skills.

Price: $24

Includes: JetWooBuilder


  • Simple In Customization
  • 15 Widgets For Product Pages
  • Categories grid
  • Products grid
  • Post grids
  • Products list
  • Taxonomy tiles
  • Product page layouts
  • The shop page
  • Easily customizable
  • Clear documentation
  • No Coding Skills Needed

Pros and cons

  • 24/7 support
  • reach functionality
  • It’s not free

6. Unlimited Elements

This is a library of unique Elementor Widgets that add more functionality and flexibility to your favorite page builder. Power up your page builder using our easy-to-use and creative widget library. Make your next web design project look prettier than ever before with unlimited creative elements. Each widget was hand crafted by our experts. You can add custom fields and settings to your widgets just with a click of a button, giving you ultimate flexibility.

Price: From $29.99

Includes 800+ widgets:

  • Link Hover Effects
  • Content Accordions
  • Bullets Lists
  • Icon Hover Effects
  • Video Teaser Popups
  • Banners
  • Testimonials and Reviews
  • Pricing Tables
  • Video Galleries
  • Flip Boxes
  • Buttons
  • Header Footer Widgets
  • Post Tabs
  • Caption Hover Effects
  • Product Boxes
  • Content Tabs
  • Post Grids
  • Statistic Counters
  • News Scrollers
  • Social Network Icons
  • Opening Hours
  • Food Menus
  • Timelines
  • Timer Countdowns
  • Post Accordions
  • Instagram Widgets
  • Carousels
  • Image Hover Effects
  • MP3 Audio Playlists
  • Image Galleries

  • Google Charts
  • Post News Tickers
  • Team Members
  • Audio Players
  • iHover
  • Bar Counters
  • Post Carousels
  • Content Boxes
  • Event Widgets
  • Block Quotes
  • Icon Boxes


  • Easily customizable
  • Free support for 1 year
  • Free updates for 1 year
  • 800+ premium widgets in one library

Pros and cons:

  • No Coding Skills Needed
  • 24/7 support
  • Limited support
  • Limited updates
  • The cheapest plan is for one site only

7. JetEngine

JetEngine is a must-have plugin for Elementor allowing to create custom post types, custom taxonomy, add Elementor-built templates for the custom post type or taxonomy terms. It provides a set of dynamic listing widgets for displaying dynamic content and allows to build grid and listing layouts for the custom posts and terms using the most complex query methods.

JetEngine enables you to create new post types, taxonomies, and custom fields without any programming experience. You are no longer limited to post types built into your theme. You can simply build your own post type, add custom fields, customize its appearance and layout, and use them wherever you want.

What’s more is that there is no coding involved and you will create the custom post types using Elementor page builder, for which you formerly needed to have good PHP skills.

Price: $26

Includes: JetEngine


  • Dynamic field
  • Dynamic image
  • Dynamic repeater
  • Dynamic link
  • Dynamic terms
  • Dynamic meta
  • Listing grid
  • No Coding Skills Needed

Pros and cons

  • 24/7 support
  • Reach functionality
  • It’s not free

8. HT Mega

HTMega is an ultimate addons for Elementor includes 80+ elements & 360 Blocks with unlimited variations. HT Mega brings limitless possibilities. Embellish your site with the elements of HT Mega. To retain the validity of a tech product in this era of rapid change you have to provide an excellent level of variation, functionality and adaptability. HT Mega is such a WordPress Elementor Plugin that reaches the level of excellence in almost every necessary aspect. HT Mega is a huge store of Elementor Addon. HT Mega brings limitless possibilities for the users.

Among the other common WordPress plugins in the market, HT Mega is quite a different one for its vastness and functionalities. This WordPress editor plugin comes with 360 Blocks and 80+ Widgets. In addition, 15+ readymade landing pages have been inserted to this WordPress plugin. Since WordPress is a major platform for building blog site, 4 different blog page styles are included. Even, the theme sellers can use this WordPress plugins with free version. HT Mega authors promises to keep updating the features continuously for the clients.

Price: Free


  • Accordion, Heading
  • Banner Box, Block Quote
  • Call To Action, Contact Form
  • Countdown, Counter Up
  • Custom Carousel
  • Drop Caps, Double Button
  • Faq
  • Google Map
  • Animated Heading
  • Image Comparison, Image Justify, Image Magnifire, Image Masonary. Image Marker
  • Light Box, Inline Menu
  • User Login, User Register
  • Subscribe News Letter

  • Team Member
  • Testimonial carousel, Testimonial Grid
  • Thumbnails Gallery
  • Toggle
  • ToolTip
  • Twitter Feed, Instagram
  • Vertical Timeline
  • Video Player
  • Weather
  • Working Process
  • 404 Page Content
  • BBPress
  • BuddyPress
  • News Ticker
  • Notification
  • Offcanvas
  • Panel Slider
  • Popovers
  • Post carousel, Post Grids, Post Grid Tab, Post Slider
  • Pricing List View, Pricing Tables
  • Progress Bar – 10 Styles
  • Scroll Image, Scroll Navigation
  • Search, Services
  • Single Post
  • Social Share, Switcher Share
  • Data Table

  • Caldera Forms
  • Download monitor
  • Easy digital downloads
  • Event Countdown
  • Gravity Forms
  • Job Manager
  • LayerSlider
  • Ninja Form
  • QU Form
  • TablePress
  • MailChimp for WP
  • WP Forms
  • WooCommerce add to cart, category, cart page, checkout page


  • Cross Browser Supported
  • Well Commented
  • W3C Validated Code
  • Fully responsive and mobile ready
  • Unlimited Color and Typography options
  • Retina Ready
  • Fully Customizable every element
  • Every element enable / disable options panel
  • 877 Google Font Supported
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • 15 Categories / Template Sets
  • 15 Page Templates

Pros and cons:

  • 24/7 support
  • 80+ widgets in one library
  • Has Free version and Pro version
  • Some plugins are premium

9. JetPopup

JetPopup is an addon for Elementor page builder. It allows creating and adding popups to the pages built with Elementor.

With JetPopup you’ll be able to create new popups using all widgets available in Elementor. Also, it allows to add popups to different widgets and widget’s content, set the specific popup triggers and choose the time when the popup appears on the page.

Another useful option is to select a preset. JetPopup plugin provides the number of default presets that can help in creating popups with specific layouts.

What is great in JetPopup plugin is you can use pre-designed popups from the Popup Library. You can import them and edit to your needs with Elementor page builder as you edit any other page.

Price: $22

Includes: JetPopup


  • Drag and Drop to Build Popups. JetPopup offers to apply Elementor widgets when creating the layout and adding some content to it.
  • Customize Popup Design. Style up your popups without any CSS knowledge.
  • Manage Trigger Events. Choose the events and dates for the pop ups to appear.
  • Select and Use Pre-designed Templates. JetPopup has many various templates according to your needs.
  • Dozens of stylish popup templates.
  • Responsive layout.
  • Cross Browser compatibility.
  • Diverse style options.

Pros and cons:

  • 24/7 support
  • Reach functionality
  • It’s not free

10. Namogo

Namogo is a team with great web designers. They created a bunch of Elementor addons. Alongside the powerful add-ons widgets for Elementor, you can find extensions that change the way you create with Elementor and fit right into the current element controls on their website. By building around what Elementor already offers, the Elementor Extras addons provides only new widgets and extensions that are as unique as they are useful. All widgets are customizable to the bone. That’s why we show you what customizable options are at your fingertips. No pre-styled widgets that will keep you constrained to one look and feel.

You can use the pot file provided in the plugin zip under /languages. Extras is also compatible with WPML, which means you can translate all widgets using String Translation and Translation Manager, just like you do with any native Elementor widgets.

Price: 26 Euro


  • Display conditions
  • Posts extra
  • Gallery extra & slider
  • Scroll indicator
  • Hotspots
  • Switcher
  • Devices
  • Google map
  • Audio/video player
  • Circle progress
  • Image comparison
  • Pop-up
  • Age gate
  • Buttons
  • Heading extra
  • Calendar
  • Offcanvas
  • Slide menu
  • Search form
  • Timeline
  • Toggle elements
  • Unfold
  • Inline SVG

  • Text divider
  • Table
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Random image
  • Global tooltips
  • Sticky elements
  • Parallax elements
  • Parallax background


  • Updates
  • Refundable within 14 days
  • Professional support

Pros and cons:

  • Includes many important and multi-functional Elementor addons
  • Limited support and updates
  • The cheapest plan allows to use the addons for one website only

11. JetBlocks

Many WordPress themes suggest fixed headers, also known as “sticky” headers, but such sections can be also created with Elementor Page Builder using JetBlocks plugin.

The JetBlocks plugin is a perfect tool for adding content to your header and footer areas. Take an advantage of the simple-to-use JetBlocks widgets to create an outstanding design for your website. Supplied with everything needed for a prompt customization, the plugin excludes touching a single line of code.

It offers must-have widgets for creating beautiful header and footer. JetBlocks also adds Sticky Header functionality, providing the ability to create sticky headers and make regular sections sticky when needed. No need to be an expert in coding and design, even a beginner will be able to cope with the task.

Price: $19

Includes: JetBlocks plugin


  • Auth Links
  • Navigation & Hamburger Menu
  • WooCommerce Cart & Search Forms
  • Sticky Elements Functionality
  • Login & Registration Form, and others
  • Effective 24/7 support
  • Powerful widgets
  • 100% responsive
  • Detailed documentation

Pros and cons:

  • 24/7 support
  • Reach functionality
  • It’s not free

So, have you decided which addon you are going to use for your next project? Don’t feel bad if you are still confused about which one to pick. Of course, you are dedicated to your work that’s why you are reading this blog, all with the purpose of finding the ideal Elementor addon for your needs. But remember there are a handful of great addons for Elementor out there. So, which one should you pick?

They all are way too affordable to purchase and even the people who are just beginners to WordPress pages can also create an attractive progress bar.

All they have to do is to install any of the above progress bar plugins on their WordPress site and rest will just go with the flow!

However, that’s only one point of view. Do share with us from which other perspectives you will weigh Elementor Addons against each other before making a purchase.

If you’ve any queries or suggestions, also comment below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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