How to Update a WordPress Theme You Bought from ThemeForest with a Single Click

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How to Update a WordPress Theme You Bought from ThemeForest with a Single Click

ThemeForest is a popular site in the web developer community. It is a marketplace where you can sell and buy WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, HTML code, and so on. If you have bought a WordPress theme from ThemeForest and want to update it, this article will show you how.

How to know if the theme you bought has a new update? The easiest way is by following the channels (Twitter, email newsletter, Facebook and so on) of the theme developer. Or, you can also check the latest update of your theme on the WordPress dashboard via the Envato market plugin.

One thing you need to know. ThemeForest is a member of the Envato Market network. That is why you need to create an Envato account before being able to buy an item on ThemeForest.

Here is how to update a WordPress theme you bought from ThemeForest.

How to update a theme forest theme via Envato Market plugin

The easiest way to update a WordPress theme you bought from ThemeForest is via the Envato Market plugin. With the Envato Market installed on your WordPress, you can check the new update of your theme via WordPress dashboard and update it with a single click. Just like updating a theme or plugin you installed from the official theme/plugin directory of WordPress. But first, you need to make a configuration to connect your Envato account with your website.

  • First off, download the Envato Market plugin, install and activate.
  • Once the Envato Market plugin is installed and activated, you will see a new menu item on your WordPress dashboard called Envato Market. Click this menu to open the plugin settings page.
  • You need an Envato API Personal Token to connect your Envato account with your website. Click the clicking this link link under the Settings tab to generate an Envato API Personal Token.
  • You will be directed to the Envato page to create a personal token. Give your token a name and tick the required permissions. Also tick the terms and conditions and click the Create Token button. Most ThemeForest themes need the following permissions:
    • View and search Envato sites
    • Download your purchased items
    • List purchases you’ve made
  • Tick the confirmation statement and copy the token key.
  • Return to WordPress dashboard and paste the token key you have just copied to the available field and click the Save Changes button.
  • Add a new item (your theme) by clicking the Add Item button.
  • You will need your token key again, as well as your theme ID. To get your theme ID, visit your theme page on ThemeForest. Your theme ID is the digits after your theme name on the URL structure of ThemeForest web address.
  • If everything is correctly set up to this point and you save your changes, a new tab called Themes will appear in the plugin settings page. Your theme will appear on this tab. If a new update of your theme is available, you will see an Update Available link on your theme. Simply click this link to update it


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