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7 Recommended WordPress Advertising Plugins for Professional Bloggers

Advertisement is a breath of every website. Without advertisement, it’s hard for a website to long last. Most bloggers also rely on it to generate revenue. In order to get the most out your ads you need to manage them. If you are blogging with WordPress, there some advertising plugins that will make your job in managing your ads be a lot easier.

Most advertising plugins we are going to discuss here are probably paid plugins. But, they are really a good investments for professional bloggers like you.

I am not sure which ads model you apply on your site. Whether banner ads from popular advertising programs like AdSense. Or you probably prefer to seek out for independent advertisers and offer a spot for them. It doesn’t matter, here are recommended plugins you can use to get the most out of ads on your WordPress site.

1. WP PRO Advertising System

The first recommended WordPress advertising plugin you can use to maximize your ads is WP PRO Advertising System. This plugin comes with all standard features of advertising plugin like ads placement and so on. Using this tool, you will be able to insert ads in your content without having to edit any code on your WordPress. Just paste the ads code you want to display and you are done. Apart from displaying banner ads from third party advertising program like AdSense, you can also create your own HTML5 banner easily with this plugin.

WP PRO Advertising System would be a perfect complement if you use MailChimp to manage your subscribers. This plugin makes it possible if you want to display a banner on your newsletter. Best of all, the plugin also features a technology to detect ad blockers.

Price: $29.

2. Ads Pro Plugin

Have an abundant daily traffic and want to sell some spots? If so, Ads Pro Plugin would be your best option. It is a great WordPress advertising plugin for that kind of need. You can use this plugin to build your own advertising platform. You can provide your advertiser candidates a front end panel to let them have a preview over their campaign statistics as well a front end to order form. There are several payment methods you can select from PayPal, bank transfer to manual payment.

What if you want to display ads from the third party advertising programs? Sure you can.

In addition to the scheme I mentioned above, you can also use Ads Pro Plugin to get the most out of the third party advertising program you joined to. No matter the type of ads you apply on your site, you can control the appearance of them. For instance, you can filter a certain ads to appear only on a specific tags or categories. Or you probably want a certain ads to emerge only on a specific country? You can set it too. Regarding the position of your ads, you can choose whether to display ads on sidebar, inside your content, corner peel, floating and so on. There are 20+ ways on how to display your ads with Ads Pro Plugin.

Price: $37.

3. Ultimate Ads Manager

Your job of getting the most out of ads on your site is not merely displaying them. You need to monitor which ads perform better and which ones perform worse. For this purpose, you need a tool like Ultimate Ads Manager. Good news for you, this plugin free.

Ultimate Ads Manager has the ability to check the statistics of the displaying ads. This plugin will log all of the clicks and impressions of all ads on your site. In addition to it, this WordPress advertising plugin can also help you to place ads code to certain positions. In the post, for instance. While you can use Ultimate Ads Manager for free, paid version is also available which offers Google Analytics integration.

Price: free.

4. WP In Post Ads

As you have probably guessed from its name, the focus of WP In Post Ads is to help you placing your ads within your content instead of sidebar or pop up. This plugin might offers not much placement options but it comes with plenty of management features. You can use the plugin for splitting test ads, view how many times your ads are viewed and lots more. Furthermore, you can also set certain span of you ads appearance. You can set when your ads should be displayed and when they should be hide.

If you adopt the membership concept on your site, you can also take advantage of WP In Post Ads to give a special offer to your registered members by hiding your ads to logged in users.

Price: $29.


WP QUADS is a WordPress advertising plugin specialized for helping you getting the most out of your AdSense campaigns. How will do  this plugin help you?

WP QUADS is basically a fork of another advertising plugin called Quick AdSense (has been discontinued). It gives you a full control over the placement of your ads and how they should be displayed. With this plugin you can choose to insert your ads at specific position and have them display randomly within your content. This plugin is focused to help you installing your ads without offering any monitoring feature. WP QUADS itself is a type of a freemium plugin.

You can use this plugin for free, but paid version is also available if you want to get additional features like unlimited ads, responsive ads, automatic ad detection, AMP ads and lots more. WP QUADS has also a technology to prevent ad blocker from working.

Price: free. Premium from $58.

6. AdRotate

AdRotate is another feature-rich WordPress advertising plugin similar to Ads Pro Plugin. You can manage both your own ads and the ones from third party services such as AdSense and Chitika. The good part about this plugin is that it offers a free version. You will only be asked to upgrade to the paid version if you need advanced features like live preview when creating adverts, time range, get targetting and lots more.

AdRotate is also a nice option if you want to sell certain spots within your site. Same as Ads Pro Plugin, you can also offer your advertisers a front end dashboard to allow them keep updated over the performance of their campaigns. Furthermore, AdRotate also comes with ads scheduling and reporting features.

Price: $34.

7. Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads is a WordPress advertising plugin made a publisher named Thomas Maier. The man created this plugin based on his personal experience delivering millions of ads per month. This plugin is available for free with several paid add-on options. Even without add-on you will get plenty of features for maximizing your ads. You can set your ads to show up only on targeted contents. For instance, you can set a certain ads to be displayed only on posts with specific tags and categories. You can even set your ads to be displayed only on certain posts written by specific authors.

Regarding your ads placement, there are several options you can get from Advanced Ads. You can place your ads on various positions within your post as well as on sidebar, footer and lots more. Meanwhile, the paid add-ons offered by this plugin include Geo Targeting, Sticky Ads, Selling Ads, Statistics and lots more.

Price: free.

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