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WordPress SEO: How to Rank Your Blog Articles on the 1st Google Page

What is WordPress SEO anyway? Are there any examples of best strategies for blogging and SEO in 2021? Is there specificity in WordPress SEO for blogs? We’re getting right to it!

The open source content management platform WordPress is almost two decades old and is recognized as the most popular tool for development and maintenance of web content. The two interconnected reasons behind its popularity are:

  • The fact that it is free
  • High quality of the product

If curious, there are even explanations provided to those asking if there is a catch in WordPress being free-of-charge, and why not to sell it if it is as good as it seems. It appears that not a single person or a company owns it, which comes from the freedom to modify the original software any way you like and redistribute it further. In other words, there isn’t even a single product, but a family of WordPress products to which thousands of people have contributed through all these years.

According to W3Techs, there is a 42.7% chance that the content encountered in the Internet in 2021 is managed using WordPress. With such huge popularity of the platform, it would be sad to miss all the competitive opportunities because of SEO flaws. Here are some good tips on how to boost your blog rankings with best strategies of SEO for blogs.

Best Tips on How to Get Most Out of WordPress Plugins

Strategies for WordPress SEO rest upon generally two types of content which may be uploaded with its plugins: landing pages and blog posts. Because of the huge variety of plugins (and the fact that, despite being open source, there are paid subscription plans to choose from), one has to choose wisely to boost Google search rankings and attract more organic traffic.

1. Yoast SEO is called “the #1 plugin” for a reason. It is a content manager’s choice because it really does its job to raise blog rankings thanks to its capabilities to increase readers’ engagement and attract traffic from social media and search engines. Those who have tried it notice user-friendliness and ease with which it is possible to manage content before publishing, breaking long and incomprehensible sentences into smaller ones, optimizing tags and internal links, and managing keywords density.

2. Keeping a search engine optimization blog is itself an example of an easy link building strategy. Of course, if you sell sports equipment, fitness blogging will be much closer – just as gamer blogs are much closer to the target audience of a company developing video games. However, blogging and SEO is a fruitful subject with large dividends in the form of backlinks that bring organic traffic to your website almost for certain. You would need to keep a close eye on your link building and SEO practices if your website revolves around practices such as law, dentistry, plumbing, or even real estate. In such cases, it would be best to seek a professional who can help you throughout the process. You can go now and learn how SEO professionals can use page algorithms to your advantage and get your website on the top of the search engine results pages. To know more, visit https://dagmarmarketing.com/guides/law-firm-seo-guide/.

To be sure of that, one shouldn’t ignore applicable plugins for that matter — like the All-in-One SEO Pack, arguably the second-best in the whole 50 000+ family of available WordPress plugins with more than 2 million installations since its start in 2007. Toolkits like that are a great opportunity for money saving in a sense that it isn’t necessary to develop your own tool and even to spend large resources on development of a comprehensive SEO strategy from the scratch: it’s all been made much easier already!

3. When backlinks are not generated in a natural way, they are purchased for money, so the next commonly asked question is how to buy good backlinks in 2021. Thankfully, various instruments to make your investments worthy are available in great abundance.

Depending on your budget, the acquired set of dofollow links may be used as a starter pack for beginners as well as one of the best instruments of search engine optimization to rank your website higher in Google search. Purchasing backlinks on websites with high domain authority (DA) of 40 and above greatly increases the probability of higher ranking as a result.

4. As it was mentioned, landing pages are the second major type of content created with WordPress instruments. Best recommendations on how to create landing pages may be found on sitepronews.com – a resource useful both for experienced web developers as well as starters who aren’t aware of all the specifics.

Landing pages play a vital role in increasing the conversion rate – share of “active” visitors who become customers after visiting your page. Understandably, a landing page is the first thing they see, that’s the initial presentation of your brand.

For that reason, the first thing to start with is not even installation of a WordPress plugin, but coming up with an idea. Best landing page plugins for 2021 will hopefully make the technical part easier, but they won’t free you from proper structuring and smart design development, so that users won’t get lost on their way to making a purchase without an AI-operated bot to guide their navigation.

Strategy to Increase Blog Rankings with WordPress

To summarize – there is no single and uniform strategy even for a business with specific facts and circumstances, but rather a combination of those. SEO for blogs may sound like a narrowly defined subject, but its numerous nuances demand choosing a mix of approaches for best results in 2021. learn about this by reading this post about agence seo.

Great variety of WordPress Plugins makes the job easier even for starters, but they still have to take into consideration mutually excluding alternatives, such as whether to place all bets on purchased content and raise organic traffic that way, or to push blog rankings higher with their own content making skills. Then again, the appearance of the landing page and the visitors’ impression on it will define the company’s success in meeting its sales targets.

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