List of 17 Top Cool and Responsive WordPress Social Share Plugins

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List of 17 Top Cool and Responsive WordPress Social Share Plugins

Social media really play a vital role to drive more website traffic these days. The problem is, gaining more traffics from social media is never that easy. Hard work is still required along with offering a great content on your website.

There are many ways we can do to get more traffics from social media. Adding a social media share button on every single page of your website will be helpful to ease your readers to spread it out. If you run a WordPress based website, the easiest way to add social share button on your website is by installing additional plugin.

However, you have to choose the proper one. All of social share plugins are basically helpful. But, not of them are really good. The good social share plugin is the responsive ones.

Why do you have to choose the responsive social share plugin for your WordPress?

The answer is quite simple. Not all your readers are on wider screen device (laptop, tablet, PC etc) when accessing site. It’s a big chance that your readers accessing your site via mobile device with a smaller screen, like smartphone.

A responsive social share plugin could adapt it self depend on your screen resolution. And, your readers still be able to easily your content easily via the buttons.

Here are the top 17 of responsive WordPress social share plugin that you can consider.

1. Monarch



This plugin is developed by Elegant Themes team and offers you about 35 different social media services. Which mean, you can select the best social media that you really care the most. The plugin lets you put the social share button anywhere you want whether on the top of your article, bottom or even hanging on the sidebar.

2. Ultimate Social Deux



You have to pay $15 to use the plugin. But, its wort enough to install. Installing this plugin you will have full control over the way social share buttons are displayed on your site. Ultimate Social Deux has been designed to work with WooCommerce and Visual Composer.

More importantly, it has a speed load and will never damning your site load.

3. Fixed WordPress Social Share Buttons



Fixed WordPress Social Share Buttons also offers you more social media services to allows you choosing your desired ones. Its social media button including ones that designed to run on mobile device like WhatsApp. The plugin has a nice look and enables you to customize social media icons size. The downside to this plugin is that it only allows you to display the social buttons on the side of the page, with no options to display buttons anywhere else.

4. Social Warfare



Social Warfare is great plugin if you want to be serious with social media marketing. The plugin offers more than social media sharing button. While free version is available, you can get the paid one to get the most out of this plugin. One of the simple but useful feature of the plugin is its capability to create tweetable inline quotes.

5. Simple Share Buttons Plus



Just like its name, this plugin offers a simple way to share your content via social media buttons. Despite its name, according to brief description on its official site, the plugin gives you full control over the appearance and configuration of the links shown on your website. It also claims to be one of the most advanced WordPress social share plugins in the market.

6. Floating Social



The plugin is also simple and useful. It offers a vertical share bar that floats smoothly along the browser as the user scrolls up or down. The plugin also enables you to customize the appearance by adjusting the size, color and position. You can also add your own CSS for more advanced view.

7. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress



Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is available for free on the WordPress plugin directory. But, the plugin is good enough to help your readers sharing your contents. Of course, the plugin can fit various of screen size. Optimized for mobile use, you also have the opportunity to set up mobile-specific display types however you like. And with 22 built-in templates plus a template customizer, 18 display locations and four button styles, you won’t short of tweaking options.

8. Social Buzz



Social Buzz comes with large horizontal social share buttons. This social media seems to focus on two most favorite media service: Facebook and Twitter. The best use of this plugin is by putting it on the top of your article. The plugin comes with a difference by offering a shares graph located next to the social share button. The feature will be useful to track the sharing frequency of your articles.

9. SumoMe



Basically, the plugin is available for free. But, you need to upgrade to the paid version to get the most out of this plugin. According to a brief history on its official site, SumoMe can help you increase your traffic by 20%. The main social share button of this plugin comes in a vertical style hanging on the left side of your website content. The button features a easy to understand statistic to allows tracking the popularity of your articles.

10. WP Social Sharing



This plugin is totally free. WP Social Sharing offers you a basic social share button feature with no complex additional feature. Rather than using images to display each button, the buttons are created using CSS3. When a device width of less than 480px is detected, the full-sized buttons are converted into their respective icons.

WP Social Sharing gives you limited option in the aim to customize the appearance. You can’t change the colors, shapes, or sizes. This plugin also comes with limited social services. So far, it only five buttons available for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest

11. AddThis Sharing Buttons



AddThis is one of the oldest social share plugin for WordPress. Since the beginning when social media services found their popularity, AddThis has started its service to help any website owners (WordPress based in particular) gaining more traffics from them.

AddThis offers a free social media share button with customizable appearance. You can choose several style of social share buttons and put them whether on the top or bottom of your articles. In order to get more features from AddThis you can also register to the premium version.

12. Social Sharing, Follow Bar & Share Buttons by



Forget its long name. This plugin is actually easy and simple to use. It is one of the few free plugins offering a comparable feature set to the premium solutions. Options available include horizontal or vertical floating display, big social counters, and even a welcome subscribe bar you can put at the top.

13. Sharify Social Share Buttons



Sharify claims it self as the fastest sharing plugin for WordPress. To gain this status, its service also include caching options to help speed up your site. The plugin offers sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, Pocket, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Email, and VKontake.

14. Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar



This plugin comes with a floating sidebar and lightbox contact form which are both mobile responsive. Built to be lightweight, you don’t have to worry about any external JavaScript files slowing down your site. There are 7 famous social media services that supported by this plugin, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, StumbleUpon, Reddit.

15. AddToAny Share Buttons



With more 300,000 installation, AddToAny Share Buttons is one of most popular social share plugin for WordPress. Like Addthis, AddToAny Share Buttons is also an old player. Unlike some of the other free plugins listed here, AddToAny Share Buttons supports over 100 social networks and bookmarking sites. But, you can choose only several of them that you really care the most. AddToAny Share Buttons is an ideal plugin if you really want to give visitors more options to decide where they want to share your content.

16. Easy Social Icons



The Easy Social Icons plugin is a good option if you’re fine with the default look of most social networking button images.

If you’re not happy with the default look of each button, the plugin also includes an option to use your own images. Although button styling isn’t a customizable option through this plugin, you can adjust the size of the buttons and display them vertically or horizontally to match the design of your theme.

17. Mashshare



This plugin is relatively new than others mentioned above. MashShare comes with a Social Buzz style with a large social media button. Instead of offering tens social media services, MashShare only offers three big social media services that have a possibility to share link. They are Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The plugin is equipped a big total share counter.

The responsive add-on simply optimizes the size of the share buttons so that they’re easy to see and use on mobile devices. It does this by automatically decreasing the width of the buttons to fit them all beside one another in the available space.

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