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8 Best WordPress Survey Plugins

Conducting surveys is a common technique used by bloggers and website owners to increase user involvements, or simply to collect reader’s thoughts about their website contents. If your blog/site is built with WordPress, there are some plugins you can install to create online surveys with ease.

You can actually also use online survey creators like Survey Monkey, but you have to work twice. You need to create the survey on the online survey creator site you use and embed it to your WordPress site. Conversely, if you use a WordPress plugin, you don’t need to switch to another website to create the survey. You can create it right from the WordPress dashboard.

Whatever your purpose of conducting an online survey, if you use WordPress, following are plugins you can install and use.

1. Survey Maker

Survey Maker is the first WordPress Survey plugin we recommend to create online surveys on your WordPress website. It is a feature-rich plugin. You can use it to create any type of surveys with the purpose of collecting users’ feed back. The visual survey builder makes it easy for you to create a survey. There are 22 field types you can add to your survey. From radio, checkbox, dropdown, yes/no, to start rating. Also, you can also accept file on the survey form wheen needed.

To save you time in creating a survey, the plugin also comes with premade templates you can choose from. If you manage multiple sites and want to create a survey on each of them, the ability to export and import a survey is another useful feature you can make use of. Want to conduct a paid survey? Survey Maker can be integrated with either PayPal or Stripe. Furthermore, you can integrate Survey Maker with email marketing and CRM services like ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, ConverKit, and so on. You can see some survey demos created with Survey Maker on this page.

2. Quiz And Survey Master

Quiz And Survey Master is a great plugin to create a survey or quiz on your WordPress site. You can create new questions and the plugin will save them into the question bank to allow you to reuse them every time you want to create a new quiz or survey. Quite useful for time efficiency. You can add question types such as multiple choices and dropdown. In addition, you can also add elements like file upload, spam protection, date, and so on. Features like analytics and export/import are available. You can use it Quiz And Survey Master for free to create as many quizzes/surveys as you want. Here are the key features offered by the Quiz And Survey Master plugin:

  • Unlimited responses
  • 10+ question types
  • Customizable thank you page
  • Ability to send users email upon completion
  • Ability to send admins emails upon completion
  • Certificates
  • Leaderboards

To enrich the functionality of Quiz And Survey Master plugin, you can install an add-on. With an add-on, you can integrate the Quiz And Survey Master plugin marketing tools like ConverKit, Mailchimp, and MailPoet. Here are key features offered by the Quiz And Survey Master add-on:

  • Export/import
  • Question logic
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Integration with Easy Digital Download
  • Extra template variables
  • Flashcards
  • Gradebook
  • Daily limit

3. Modal Survey

Modal Survey is a premium WordPress survey plugin. You need to spend a capital of $35 for this plugin. Modal Survey comes with superb features to allow you creating complex surveys or simpler surveys. You can create unlimited surveys with Modal Survey, as well as adding as many questions as you want. This plugin provides a visual builder to help you in designing surveys. You can preview the survey you are working on first before spreading it out. There are over 650 different fonts (powered by Google Fonts) you can choose from to be applied on your survey. One of the features you will probably love so much from Modal Survey is the offered charts. You can choose different chart styles to be applied on your surveys. If you need to export your survey results for a further analysis of archiving need, Modal Survey also makes it possible. You can export your survey results into such formats as CSV, JSON, PDF, XML and XLS.

4. IgniteFeedback

IgniteFeedback is a freemium survey plugin for WordPress. This plugin is designed for real-time surveys and personalized customer engagement for in-the-moment experiences on cloud products, digital properties and custom apps. If you use the free version of IgniteFeedback, you will only allowed to collect 50 responses per month. IgniteFeedback has a feature to allow you receive instant notifications when someone responds your surveys. Furthermore, this survey plugin also comes with advanced features like branching, internationalization, login integration and CRM data targeting for enterprise users.

5. Opinion Stage

Opinion Stage is a great survey plugin to increase the reader involvements on your website. For instance, you can create trivia quiz about daily routines like shown on this example. If your questions are entertaining enough, there will be a huge chance your readers will share the quiz to their social media accounts. The good thing about Opinion Stage is that it provides some examples of how the plugin supposed to use. There are some use case examples you can learn to, like brand awareness, generate leads, drive traffic and so on. Opinion Stage itself is a freemium plugin. You can use it for free, but for non-commercial use only.

6. eForm

eForm is a premium plugin. No free version is offered. This plugin is not designed specifically to create survey. You can also use it to create form-involved things like user portal, login form and so on. However, the emphasis of this plugin is keep survey. This plugin comes with an automated quiz system and survey system features. You can also see the example of the use cases of eForm on its official site. You need to spend $38 for this plugin.

7. Advanced Poll for WordPress

Advanced Poll for WordPress is also a premium WordPress plugin. But, it is available in the cheaper price than eForm and Modal Survey. This plugin is specifically built to help you creating (and also managing) polls. You can display the polls whether on a blog post, special page or widget. There are 8 poll themes you can use, and tons of options to support you in changing colors or text of poll elements. This plugin doesn’t have an export option, but it has a Data Logs feature that will track every vote for an analyzing need. This plugin also offers some security layers (Cookie, IP Address, User) to prevent fake votes. In addition, there is also captcha to ensure the voters are human.

8. TotalPoll Pro

TotalPoll Pro is another premium WordPress survey plugin with an affordable price, $25. You can use this plugin to conduct survey to improve your site performance. Some features offered by this survey plugins are Statistics to track votes, Logs to trace back notes with an informative log (status, IP address, browser and time) to identify cheating attempts and Voting Limitations. To display certain poll, you can embed a shortcode on a specific post/page on your WordPress site. You can also display a poll via widget. There are 5 field types you can add to your polls. Furthermore, you can also make your polls be more attractive by adding image, video or audio. Everything has made easy by TotalPoll Pro.

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