8 Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins for Better Engagement

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8 Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins for Better Engagement

WordPress isn’t just a content management system to build a blog. Using a certain theme and plugin you can also turn your WordPress site to become an online shop selling both digital and physical products.

Displaying testimonials from those who love your products is a great way to build a trust from people who haven’t bought your products. Involving your consumers to give their thoughts is a clever way in gaining better engagement.

There are some plugins that you can install in your WordPress-powered online shop to collect and display some positive feedback from your consumers. Starting from free to premium ones. Each plugin has a different approach in helping you display your consumer feedback.

Here are some plugins that you can consider.

1. WP Customer Reviews

WP Customer Reviews is one the most favorite testimonial plugins with over 50,000 activation. This plugin is available for free and lets you showcase positive thoughts from your lovely consumers. Not all reviews will be displayed as the plugin require an approval for every submitted comment. So, there is no chance for spammers.

You can display your preferred comments on a specific page and set a custom design over testimonial boxes.

2. Testimonial Rotator

If you want to showcase some positive thoughts of your products in style you can try using Testimonial Rotator. The plugin creates testimonials as custom post types and allows you to add them to a slider that rotates. You can also choose whether want to display the testimonials via widget or shortcode. If you feel unimpressed with its default theme you can also buy the paid theme for a better appearance.

3. Easy Testimonials

With over 40,000 activation Easy Testimonials is yet another popular testimonial plugin for WordPress. You can display the submitted testimonials randomly or as a list anywhere within your site. Whether it’s on a blog post, page or widget. One of good things about this plugin is you can display images from the testimonial author. While you can use this plugin for free you can also buy the premium version if you wish it. With a number of additional features, of course.

4. Testimonials Widget

Testimonials Widget is also a popular testimonial plugins. There have been more than 60,000 users who installed this plugin on their WordPress-powered site. One of the prominent features of this plugin is its capability to display the testimonials in a random mode. There some method of how to showcase the submitted testimonials on your website. Whether it’s via shortcode, theme functions, or widgets. The plugin also offers a premium version with some additional features.

5. Strong Testimonials

If you are looking for a testimonial plugin that supports Gravatar then Strong Testimonials may be is something you are looking for. The plugin lets to display testimonials along with Gravatar. The testimonial can be displayed as both list and slide. The plugin has been serving over 10,000 sites and still counting. This plugin comes with a front-end form to allow your consumers submitting their thoughts and you will be emailed for every submitted testimonial.

6. Testimonial Basics

Another testimonial plugin that is integrated with Gravatar. Testimonial Basics is another great free plugin for displaying some positiveness from your consumers. The plugin also features a five-star rating system to let your customers rate your products. You can also customize the look of your testimonial to make it more interesting. You can also display your testimonials with shortcodes or widgets.

7. AB Testimonial WordPress Plugin

If you prefer to use a premium plugin rather than free ones, AB Testimonial WordPress Plugin is one of the recommended ones. The plugin is available on Code Canyon and comes with a number of features to enable you effortlessly display your consumer testimonials. You also have a chance to display the submitted testimonials via shorcode or widget. You can also provide your consumers a front-end form to submit their thoughts over the products you sell with ease.

8. Kudobuzz Testimonials

If you have dozens of feedback on your social media accounts and want to display them as testimonial in your online shop, Kudobuzz Testimonials Widget will do it for you. This plugin helps you to gather every comment from your social media account like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Google+ and display them as a testimonial page. But you need create Kudobuzz account to make it happen.


9. WP Review Pro from MyThemeShop

WP Review Pro from MyThemeShop is one of the best review plugin for WordPress. It not only supports 14 types of rich snippets but it also comes bundled with 16 gorgeous predefined designs to help make your reviews look unique and eye-catchy.

WP Review Pro supports multiple ratings systems like star, point, percentage, circle, thumbs. All these options are a perfect recipe for creating great looking reviews for all products and services you want to mention on your website.

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