7 Great WordPress Video Plugins For Showing Video in Better Way

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7 Great WordPress Video Plugins For Showing Video in Better Way

With the massive growth of vlog, many bloggers often offer videos to their readers these days, instead of just articles. If you are a WordPress blogger and often offer a video to your loyal readers, there are several great plugins to try for showing your videos in a better way.

Playing with video is actually fun and entertaining. However, — for a creator (you) — delivering video to the viewers can be little bit hard. Of course, our video should be worth to watch. But, it’s not the only problem. They way we deliver our video can also affect the number of viewers.

Below are 7 great WordPress video plugins you need to try for delivering videos in better way.

1. Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

This is one the most popular video plugins for WordPress. The plugin has a number of features like a WISYWIG editor, custom aspect ratio, autoplay, shortcodes, customization via CSS, etc. If you enjoy using the plugin and need more features, you can also register for paid version to get more features.

2. WordPress Video Player

WordPress Video Player comes with several cool features to ease your viewers explore your videos. The features include the ability for creating playlist and video tagging. This video plugin workks with Flash and HTML5 videos. The video plugin lets you do some configurations such as the transparency level of video player buttons, or the colors for the library, videos and frames background.

3. Featured Video Plus

By default, nearly all WordPress themes only allow us to use photo as a featured image, instead of video. If you think of a video thumbnail for your featured image, then you need to install Featured Video Plus. You can use video from any external services such as YouTube and Video for this term. The Settings page allows you to pick video size, adjustment, play properties, etc.

4. Easy Video Player

Another cool plugin to embed your video to your WordPress post is Easy Video Player. With this plugin you can do some adjustment including set the video size and autoplay, and choose the video skin to use. One of the unique features of Easy Video Player is the support of MP4 videos.

5. Video Sidebar Widgets

This is basically a simple plugin with less features. But, this plugin is worth enough to try. Video Sidebar Widgets helps you to put your videos on the sidebar in a better way. With its help you can display Flash videos from fourteen video-sharing networks incluging Youtube, Vimeo, BlipTV and more.

6. YouTube Channel Gallery

If you trust YouTube as your video provider and have many videos on it, why not to create a gallery to make your video collections looks prettier and easier to explore. If you start thinking of it, YouTube Channel Gallery will helps you to do the task. You can use multiple instances of the plugin on the same page (i.e. you can show more than one channel on the same page), and if you are concerned about bandwidth and site load times, you can go with thumbnails only.

7. Gallery Video

The idea of this plugin is similar to YouTube Channel Gallery, but not limited to YouTube. You can create video gallery from other video provider, including YouTube’s closest competitor Vimeo. Gallery Video is particularly good for large galleries because it supports an unlimited number of videos plus Load More and pagination. It comes with seven predefined views, but you can always design your own.

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