5 WP Engine Alternatives for Genesis Framework

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5 WP Engine Alternatives for Genesis Framework

Do you often create WordPress websites with Genesis? If so, chances are you use the hosting service from WP Engine to host your websites. In case you are looking for a new hosting service for an alternative, we have compiled the list below.

Genesis itself is a popular framework (technically, it is a WordPress theme) owned by WP Engine. It is set as a default theme when you add a new website on the WP Engine hosting service. If you have settled with Genesis, yet not too impressed with the hosting service of WP Engine, you can try another hosting service. Although Genesis is owned by WP Engine, you can run on other WordPress hosting services as well.

Genesis requires some companions to work optimally, including Genesis Blocks which adds a set of handy blocks to Gutenberg. The theme itself is not available on the WordPress theme directory. Instead, you can download it only on its website.

Here are some WP Engine alternatives to run Genesis on your WordPress websites.

WP Engine Alternatives for Genesis

1. Pressable

Have you ever used WordPress.com? It is the easiest way for anyone to the experience of having a WordPress-based website for free. WordPress.com is owned by a company named Automattic. So is Pressable.

Both WordPress.com and Pressable use the same technology for the hosting service. What set apart is that Pressable is bundled with more professional features, including a more intuitive custom-built control panel. You can play around with its control panel before you subscribe to a hosting plan offered by Pressable. On the playground, you try things like adding a new website, adding your team members, viewing the available features, and so on. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to login to the WordPress dashboard.

Pressable itself offers four data centers as follows:

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Los Angeles, USA
  • Washington, USAand
  • Dallas, USA

2. Rocket.net

If you are looking for a managed WordPress hosting service that has built-in CDN, Rocket.net is one of the options you can use. The hosting service uses the CDN service from Cloudflare, in which the data centers are located in over 100 hundred locations around the world. In addition to CDN, Rocket.net also has a built-in cache for a better site performance.

Same as Pressable, Rocket.net also comes with a custom-built control panel to that you can use to access the available features. Its built-in file manager makes it easy for you to access and edit the WordPress files in case you need to. Atarim and Bootstrap are two big brands that use the hosting service from Rocket.net. Bootstrap uses Rocket.net on one of its main websites, not its main website.

3. Kinsta

Looking for a WordPress hosting service that is powered by Google Cloud? If so, you can try Kinsta.

Kinsta is one of the best WP Engine alternatives when it comes to performance. It has great PHP configuration to run any WordPress theme, including Genesis. Kinsta offers the default PHP memory limit of 256MB. Here are some details about PHP configuration of Kinsta:

  • Maximum input variables: 10000
  • Time limit: 300
  • Memory limit: 256 MB
  • Maximum input time: 300
  • Post maximum size: 128 MB
  • cURL version: 7.68.0 OpenSSL/1.1.1f

Kinsta is better than WP Engine in some areas. First, it has a more intuitive control panel. The control panel of Kinsta is clean and uncluttered. Second, it comes with a more sophisticated built-in analytics feature which you can use to monitor the resource usage on your hosting plan, including CDN usage. WP Engine, as you know, has no built-in analytics feature to monitor the CDN usage.

Third, Kinsta offers flexible contract. Unlike WP Engine which has fixed contract (monthly and yearly), Kinsta will only charge you based on the usage duration. For instance, if you have just subscribed to a certain plan and want to cancel it before a month, you get a refund according to the remaining days on plan. Kinsta targets all types of WordPress users. From bloggers, freelancers, to agencies.

Speaking of agencies, Kinsta is one of the best WordPress hosting for agencies. It offers plans dedicated to WordPress agencies. It also offers directory listing feature to help agencies get more exposure.

4. Pressidium

In case you didn’t know, the hosting infrastructure of WP Engine is powered by Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. If you are looking for an alternative that has its own hosting infrastructure, Pressidium is worth trying. Instead of using a third-party cloud service, Pressidium build its own hosting infrastructure in-house. The hosting service of Pressidium is used by brands like LearnDash and Fujitsu.

Same as Kinsta, Rocket.net, and Pressable, Pressidium also offers a custom-built control panel that is intuitive enough. It also offers a built-in CDN powered by StackPath. The hosting service of Pressidium is built exclusively for WordPress. Other features offered by Pressidium include scheduled backups, staging environment, and so on.

5. SiteGround

Looking for a more affordable hosting service than WP Engine? SiteGround is one of the best alternatives you can try. You can use the hosting service from SiteGround starting at about $15 per month, cheaper than WP Engine. SiteGround accept both monthly and yearly payment.

The hosting service from SiteGround is also capable of running Genesis. It has the default PHP memory limit of 768MB. Here the details about PHP configuration on SiteGround:

  • Maximum input variables: 3000
  • Time limit: 120
  • Memory limit: 768 MB
  • Maximum input time: 120
  • Post maximum size: 256 MB
  • cURL version: 7.85.0 OpenSSL/3.0.8

SiteGround also has some features offered by WP Engine. From CDN (powered by Cloudflare), cache, staging environment, scheduled backups, to custom control panel. Two features you can find on SiteGround that are not available on WP Engine are file manager and email hosting.

The hosting infrastructure of SiteGround itself is powered by Google Cloud. In addition to Genesis, you can also run other WordPress themes and plugins. Including Divi, Elementor, and other page builder plugins.

The Bottom Line

Every new WordPress website added on WP Engine has Genesis as the default theme. No wonder because Genesis is owned by WP Engine. For your information, WP Engine is also the owner of ACF, the most popular plugin to custom fields and custom post type.

If you really enjoy building WordPress-based websites with Genesis, yet not satisfied enough with the hosting service of WP Engine, you can try the alternatives we mentioned above. Kinsta and Rocket.net are the perfect option if you put emphasis on speed. While SiteGround is the best alternative if you need a more affordable hosting solution. Both Pressable and Pressidium are also great to run Genesis thanks to their great PHP configuration.

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